21 Unique Gift Ideas For 50 Year Old Man That He Won’t Throw Away

unique Gift Ideas For 50 Year Old Man

Are you looking for gift ideas for 50 year old man?

Turning 50 is a massive achievement in every man’s life and one you will rightly want to celebrate with him, be it your brother, father or husband. There are some great gift ideas for 50-year-old man out there to make his day extra special. Whether it’s something funny or something useful, getting him the perfect present will show just how much he means to you.

1. This is a great gift ideas for 50 year old man. This is probably the smartest door bell I have ever seen

Wifi Enable Video Door Bell

Security is always something that men value but especially when he is turning 50. Buying him this cool and practical video doorbell will mean he can see exactly who is calling him without opening the door. It also saves him getting up to answer the door if it’s someone not important to him like a salesman. Easy to fit and operate, this is an innovative gift he is sure to love.

2. This oil is going to keep his beard healthy

gift ideas for 50 year old man

Tree Ranger Beard Oil

Packed with the fresh scents of cedar, pine and eucalyptus this beard oil is an ideal gift for men turning 50. Not only will it keep his beard in good health but it will make him look and smell a million dollars. Coming in a very sleek and well-designed bottle, he won’t mind putting this on his bathroom shelf. One for the image conscious man, you won’t regret buying him this as a gift.

3. Does he love picnic during the weekend?

50th birthday gift ideas for men

Vonshef Picnic Set

Give your man a hint with this smart, wooden hamper set and let him take you out for a romantic picnic in the countryside. Coming with everything you need such as glasses, plates and a picnic blanket he will love spending summer afternoons with you using this hamper. And when you’re done, it is easy to put everything away inside and use the carry handle to take back home with you.

4. This is a great gadget to track his health

50th birthday gifts for men

Garmin Vivosmart

With turning 50 it’s likely that the special man in your life will start thinking about his health. A great gift for men turning 50, this sleek gadget is worn on the wrist and will track the steps he takes, calories burnt and heart rate through the day. I love how comfortable this is too and so will he – he will forget he’s wearing it by the end of the day!  A superb present and one that he will appreciate as it shows how much you care about him.

5. Make espresso the easy way with this coffee machine

presents for 50 year old man

Nespresso Espresso Maker

Is your man a coffee lover? One of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him is this stylish expresso coffee maker from the famous Nespresso brand. With two programmable settings and technology to make the perfect expresso, he will never have a bad coffee again with this. Best of all for the 50 year old man, it is very easy to operate and clean.

6. This air purifier is going to purify the air around his house

birthday gifts for 50 year old man

Rabbit Air Purifier

Covering up to 700 square feet of room space and easily mounted on the wall, this purifier will make his house cleaner and healthier. The special filters get rid of any unwanted toxins in the air, leaving cool and fresh air behind. A great choice for his office or study, this will make sure turning 50 doesn’t mean slowing down or getting less heathy.

7. Play music straight from his phone with this speaker

50th birthday gift ideas for dad

Harman Kardon Speaker

As 50th birthday gift ideas for men go, this is a brilliant one! Compatible with all devices that have a stereo mini jack output, this speaker will play his music with crystal-clear tone and clarity. The outstanding bass response will ensure he can enjoy listening to his favourite tracks to their full extent.

8. Let him relax with this shiatsu foot massager

50th birthday presents for him

Belmint Deep Shiatsu Feet Massager

With two foot beds containing 18 nodes that give his feet a deep and relaxing massage, this is one of my favourite 50th birthday gift ideas for Dad. The massager looks great and is simple to use whenever he needs it. With this present, he will really appreciate being able to come in after a hard day out and use this to refresh himself.

9. Check out this awesome air quality monitor review that will improve his living environment

Awair Air Quality Monitor

Birthday gifts for 50-year-old man don’t have to be overly sentimental as this air quality monitor shows. This handy device will test the air in his home and pick up any toxins floating around. It will then feedback results to him offering advice on how to make the air quality better.

A must-have for the health-conscious man, he will love being able to improve his home with this.

10. Get him a crate full of jerky

gifts for a 50 year old man


With three packs of tasty yet hot jerky, this is the ideal gift for the meat loving man in your life. If he enjoys food and enjoys jerky then you need to pick him this up. With the individually sealed packets, he can take it anywhere and never be short of a snack again. Be warned though – they are flaming hot!

If you still looking for gift ideas for 50 year old man, get this for him where you can never get wrong.

11. This is the thinnest reading glasses he will ever receive. Check out this awesome review below

Thin Optic Glass

A great present for the man who needs a little help reading, this gift not only contains the light Thin Optics glasses but also a universal carry-case that will stick onto his phone or tablet. This is a superb idea as it means he will never again forget to take his glasses with him or put them down in a café only to walk off without them.

12. Does he love fried chicken but want to make it a healthier way? Try this air fryer

gifts for 50th birthday man

Philips Air Fryer

One of the healthiest 50th birthday gift ideas for him, this will enable him to enjoy the fried food he loves but in a healthier way. The air frying technology means you use less oil making it a better way to fry. Not only that but it is also quicker and safer compared to other fryers as there is no hot oil for him to be burnt on. Becoming increasingly popular, this really is a brilliant gift for any man.

13. Let him cook the perfect meat with this himalayan salt slab

50th birthday presents for dad

Himalayan Salt Slab

I love this very masculine gift for men turning 50 as it will make him feel macho and be the king of the barbeque. This authentic, thick slab of pure Himalayan salt will allow him to cook up the best food and impress his friends with its unique style.

14. He is going to love this money clip with pocket knife

ideas for 50th birthday present

Personalized Gerber Money Clip With Pocket Knife

Holding up to five cards and with a 1.75-inch stainless steel blade, this is a truly superb birthday gift for 50-year-old man. He will love the fact it’s practical and the personalised message you can put on it will show how much he means to you.

15. This neck pillow is going to make him much comfortable when traveling

50th birthday gifts for him

TLTR Travel Pillow

This scientifically proven and super-soft neck pillow is great for the man who travels a lot. Especially good on long haul flights, he will love its style and how it stops him getting a bad neck after hours in the air.

16. The only skin care system he will ever need

50th birthday gift ideas men

Tiege Henley

Offering a fantastic mix of quality, affordability and coolness the Tiege Henley skincare range is a great choice as a gift. Just because he’s 50 doesn’t mean he won’t want to look after himself and these products will do just that to keep him as handsome as ever.

17. This is a beautiful decor for his office table

gift ideas for 50th birthday man

Retro Flip Clock

If you’re looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for Dad, then look no further! I love the funky retro design of this clock and the material it’s made from. He will be sure to love it too as it will look great on his desk and ensure he never misses a meeting.

18. The only tool he need to get a great shape of beard

gifts for men turning 50

Exec Beard Comb

If the man in your life turning 50 has a beard then this present will make his day. Offering a professional level cut, this beard comb will allow him to shape his beard however he likes. Not only will it keep him neat and tidy, it will also save him time going to the barbers for a trim!

19. For the guy with massive confident

mens 50th birthday present

Funny Mug

One of the funniest presents for 50 year old man, this is for the extrovert brother, father or husband. The amusing message will make him laugh and he will love showing off how great he is to all his family and friends when drinking from it. Made from high-quality ceramic, this 11-ounce mug is a great gift.

20. Make him busy with this book

50 birthday gift ideas for him

Things To Do When You Turn 50

Just because he has turned 50, doesn’t mean he has to stop having fun and adventures. Containing all the information he needs for becoming 50, he will love reading this and preparing for his life to come.

21. How about a new tv to watch his favorite show?

male 50th birthday ideas

LG 55 inch OLED TV

As 50th birthday gift ideas for men goes, this is fabulous! He will be blown away by the crystal-clear picture and stunning sound as he relaxes to watch his favourite TV programme. No more will he miss what is being said through poor sound or not see a goal clearly because of an inadequate screen.

Reaching your 50th birthday is a real milestone in life and what better way to help the special man in your life celebrate than with a gift he’ll love. There are some superb gift ideas for 50 year old man out there so share this with your friends and make sure they know about them too.

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