21 Unique 30th Birthday Gifts For Men That He Will Absolutely Love

Still looking for unique 30th birthday gifts for men?

Turning 30 is a huge deal for most men as it represents the next big birthday after their 21st. To help them enjoy and celebrate their day, why not get him a special present? There are lots of superb 30

There are lots of superb 30th birthday gifts for men so you will have no trouble getting him the perfect present to show you care.

1. This is probably the best router ever made. One of the best 30th birthday gifts for men. Watch this awesome video below

Norton Core Router

Men’s 30th birthday gifts don’t come handier than this nifty router from Norton.

Designed to help protect the electronic devices connected on your home network, this stops any cyber-attacks at source.

He will truly appreciate this present and how it will keep his PC and laptop safe from harm.

2. Let him make the perfect tea with this tea maker

30th birthday gifts for men
Gourmia Tea Maker

If you’re needing 30th birthday gifts for brother, how about this team maker from Gourmia? With 4 different strength settings and IBrew technology, this will make him the perfect cup of tea every time.

It needn’t be limited to tea either – this will also make a tasty cup of coffee if that is his thing. Never again will he struggle to make the perfect brew!

3. For the guy with lots of confident

30th birthday gift ideas for him
Funny Mug

As funny 30th birthday gifts for him go, this is one that hits the mark. With its amusing message on, he will enjoy using this and showing everyone how great he is.

Made from high-quality ceramic and holding 11 ounces, this is a great gift if he is a confident person.

4. Does he love to listen to music?

30th birthday presents for him
Victorla Moden Turntable

30th birthday gifts for boyfriend don’t always have to be mushy so if he’s into his music, why not treat him to this? The 3 speed,

The 3 speed, wireless turntable can stream music from 33 feet away and play back through the included 50 watt speakers.

This would be a great gift to let him enjoy his favourite music when relaxing after a hard day at work.

5. Does he always fall asleep?

30th birthday gifts for him
Death Wish Coffee

One of the best 30th birthday gifts for him is this intense coffee. Tasting great, the Death Wish beans have twice the amount of caffeine in than normal coffee beans.

If he has trouble waking up in the morning then get him this and see the difference a cup makes!

6. Death wish ground coffee and this mug is a great combo

gifts for 30 year old man
Death Wish Coffee Mug

Hand crafted at Deneen Pottery in the USA, this mug not only looks great but is nice to hold too.

If you have got him the Death Wish beans above, why not get him this also to enjoy them in?

He will love having a special mug to drink his coffee out of and also be impressed with its masculine look.

7. This should keep him busy

30th birthday present ideas for him
Things To Do When You Turn 30

Just because he is getting slightly older doesn’t mean he has to slow down or stop having new adventures.

Get him this book and watch how much he loves using it to get a new lease of life or find exciting, new things to do.

30th birthday gift ideas for husband can be fun or romantic and this falls into the fun category.

8. This augmented reality GPS is the best car gadget for him

NAVDY Head’s Up Display

30th birthday present ideas for him don’t come any cooler or cutting edge than this!

The augmented reality display shows a heads-up display on his car windscreen that is clear even in direct sunlight.

Totally hands free, this will allow him to look at maps, answer calls and play music safely when driving. Never again will he miss a turn or an important call with this gift.

9. Make the best hotdog with this mini hot dog stand

mens 30th birthday gifts
Nostalgia Hotdog Maker

If it’s unique or unusual 30th birthday gift present ideas for him you’re searching for, how about this hot dog cooker and bun warmer?

The stainless-steel rollers cook 8 regular or 4-foot-long dogs while the buns are kept warm above.

Not only does this look super retro but he will love using it to cook his favourite food on whenever he gets hungry.

10. How about a world’s lightest electric skateboard?

30th birthday presents for men
Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

This portable and light skateboard from Blink is great if the man you’re buying for is a daredevil!

With a funky design, 5-mile charge life and built-in safety lights he will enjoy reliving his youth and getting some exercise out on this. Get this as a 30th birthday gifts for men.

11. Watch this video why this headphone is not a normal headphone

Wearhaus Arc Headphones

Whether he loves his music or is a gadget man, this is one of the coolest gift I’ve seen. As gifts for 30-year-old man go, this is up there with the best.

These headphones actually let you synch up to someone else wearing another pair of Wearhaus headphones so you can both listen to the same music.

Fully wireless and with Bluetooth connectivity, why not buy two and have fun sharing his music together?

12. Isn’t it cool to have a popcorn stand in his house?

30th birthday gift ideas for husband
Great Northern Popcorn Maker

This deluxe popcorn maker will be a present he will treasure as it will brighten his house up and also give him fresh popcorn whenever he fancies some.

With a 3-position control switch and popcorn warmer included, it also is on wheels to make it easy to move around the house.

13. Watch this mug never fell?! This is an awesome 30th birthday gifts for men

Unspillable Mug

One of the best men’s 30th birthday gifts, this travel mug is literally impossible to knock over.

The safe-grip base keeps it mega stable and it is comfy to carry around or fit into your car cup holder.

This will be a great present for him to take into work as it will mean he will never ruin any important documents by spilling coffee on them.

14. Get him a high-quality leather bag

useful 30th birthday gift ideas for him
Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Made from 100% cowhide leather in the USA and with a large front flap that is easy to operate, this the perfect gift for the busy career man working his way to the top.

He will love how he can fit all his papers in and carry them safely and stylishly to the office. With a comfortable carry strap and handle, this is one of the nicest 30th birthday gifts for brother.

15. Prepare breakfast easier with this sandwich maker

cool 30th birthday gifts for men
Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

If he loves his food and cooking, this sandwich maker is top of the 30th birthday present ideas for him.

No longer will he go hungry or wonder what he should make for his lunch – ready in just 5 minutes, this will cook 1 to 2 sandwiches of his choice to fill him up.

16. Get this beautiful watch for him

30th birthday gifts for brother
Rosewood MVMT Watch

This elegant rosewood watch from MVMT would make a fantastic 30th birthday gift ideas for husband.

The hardened mineral case and 10 ATM water resistance make it practical and he will be impressed with how it brings his outfit alive when wearing it.

17. Watch what these guys did with this pocket shot

Pocket Shot

One of the more light-hearted gifts for 30-year-old man is this slingshot. Coming in a set with one normal and one pro pouch, this fires objects out at 350 feet per second which is quite something.

Made from hard wearing material, this is the ideal gift if he likes to be outdoors a lot or is young at heart despite turning 30.

18. He should start tracking his health at this age

unique 30th birthday gifts for him
Fit Bit

Although 30 is by no means old, he might want to start keeping an eye on his health a little more.

This FitBit device will help him do just that by tracking his activity during the day and in the gym and letting him know various stats like steps taken and calorie burn.

This is a perfect gift for the active man and he will love seeing how fit he still is despite turning 30.

19. Get him a personalize crate full of whiskey

cool 30th birthday gifts for him

30th birthday gifts for boyfriend can sometimes be something he likes eating or drinking and if so, this is the gift for him if he enjoys his whiskey.

Coming with two quality rocks glasses, a whiskey drinking journal and snacks this is truly a mans present.

He will love taking this into his own mancave and relaxing with a glass of his best single malt.

20. It is never too late to get fit with this adjustable dumbell

great 30th birthday gifts for him
Adjustable Dumbell

Keep him in shape now he’s 30 with these fabulous adjustable dumbbells. Using these, he will be able to stay looking as fit as he did at 25 and keep healthy.

Not only that but they replace the need for lots of different dumbbells of various weights lying around the house. 30th birthday gifts for him don’t get healthier than this!

21. Looking for something funny for him?

funny 30th birthday gifts for men
Tea Bagger

If it’s funny 30th birthday gifts for him you need, then look no further! One for your husband or boyfriend, this tea infuser will raise a smile with its racy shape as well as making the perfect cup of tea for him.

There’s so many amazing gifts and presents for the 30-year-old man out there that you are bound to find something he will love.

Just remember 30th birthday gifts for men can be funny, useful or romantic so choose the best one for him. Remember to share this with friends so all the men out there get a fabulous 30th gift!

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