24 Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts For Men That He Will Definitely Love

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Looking for 40th birthday gifts for men?

All women have a special man in their life whether it be a husband, brother or a father. When they come to a big birthday like their 40th, it’s time to splash out and let them know exactly how much you think of them. This list of 40th birthday gifts for him will allow you to do just that and make his birthday one to remember!

1. Definitely one of the best 40th birthday gifts for men. I’ve tried this cologne and I am loving it!

40th birthday gifts for men

Gucci Guilty

As a 40th birthday present for him, you can’t beat an expensive and luxurious Eau de Toilette. Recommended for casual wear this scent from Gucci is as masculine and alluring as you would expect from such an iconic fashion house. He will love putting this on and smelling great while feeling a million dollars.

2. Amazon Echo is going to bring a lot of convenience for him at home (watch these guys get their hands on Amazon Echo)

Amazon Echo

This latest innovation from Amazon is a game changer and one he will treasure due to the convenience and usability it offers. This is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for him I’ve seen and one most men will love. With the ability to play music, read news out, answer questions and much more, this is a superb product.

3. For him who really love wine

40th birthday gift ideas for men

750ml Big Mouth Wine Glass

This massive wine glass is a fun gift and one that ranks up there with the cheekiest 40th birthday gifts for best friend. The glass holds 750ml of wine which means he can fit an entire standard bottle in it in one go! No more having to get up and refill which will make his life easier and happier.

4. What about having all his books in one device?

40th birthday gifts ideas for husband

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is an E-Book reader with a 6 inch, high resolution screen. This would make an ideal gift for the man in your life who enjoys reading but maybe wants the ease of having all his books in one place. It will also save space in your home as he won’t need to buy or store paper books anymore.

5. Does he love adventure? This water bottle is going to save a lot of space in his backpack

40th birthday gifts ideas for best friend

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

It can be hard to think of 40th birthday gifts ideas for husband but this is a real find if he loves being outdoors. Not only is it comfortable to wear and durable, it also looks great and will save space in his backpack when out. No more lugging around standard water bottles for him once he has this and can fold down as needed.

6. This headphone is such a beauty!

40th birthday present for him

Meze Classic Walnut Gold Headphones

Not only do these headphones look great with their real walnut earpieces, they also sound great when using them to check out your favourite tunes. Anything music related is always a great idea when thinking of men’s 40th birthday gift ideas and he will love relaxing to his favourite music with these.

7. This speaker is more than awesome. Watch this guy unbox this beast!

Devialet Silver Phantom Bluetooth Speaker

Another brilliant idea, this is one of the 40th birthday gifts ideas for him if he loves music. This is a monster of a speaker, giving out 3000 watts of ultra dense sound that he’ll feel as well as hear. If you get him this, he will have hours of fun listening to his favourite tunes.

8. This levitating globe is surreal!

40th birthday gifts for him

Woodlev Magnetic Levitating Globe

A truly unique present for the special man in your life, this magnetic globe actually levitates in mid-air! It is also a proper globe and shows all the countries of the world on as you would expect. Not only will he love to impress his friends with this marvel, he will have hours of fun finding out exactly where each country in the world is for the next quiz you have! I think this is an amzing 40th birthday gifts for men.

9. Let him relax after a long day of working

40th birthday present ideas for him

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

What better 40th birthday present for him than this relaxing and invigorating foot massager? Just imagine how much he will appreciate this gift when he comes home from a long day commuting to work and can rest his tired feet in it. With easy to use controls and removable cover for easy washing, this will be a present he will thank you for endlessly.

10. This tea maker is going to make the best tea he will ever have

40th birthday gifts for best friend

Gourmia Tea Maker

This loose leaf electric tea maker and infuser with ITea boil to brew technology is a must have for the tea loving man in your life. With 3 strength settings, it’s easy to use and will make him the perfect cup of tea every time he needs it.

11. Make the best coffee anywhere with this coffee maker

Staresso : Award Winning Coffee Maker

The Staresso Portable Coffee Maker is a really thoughtful 40th birthday gifts ideas for husband if he is into his coffee. Not only does it make a tasty cup for him, it is very easy to carry around wherever he goes. He will love being able to brew up his favourite drink wherever he is and whenever he likes.

12. This tracker will inform him if he is having a bad posture

40th birthday present ideas for men

Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Bad posture is a significant health risk in the modern world due to office work and lack of exercise so keep him safe with this gift. One of the top men’s 40th birthday gift ideas, this will fit discreetly on his person and then feed data back to the phone App telling him if there’s anything he needs to correct. Probably one of the most useful 40th birthday gifts for men.

13. Does he love DIY stuff in his garage? This digital tape measurement can help

40th gift ideas for him

Digital Tape Measurement

With it large digital display, rugged construction and large digital display this is a great gift for that special someone in your life. Just simply measure as normal and the digital read out tells you quickly the result. He is bound to love this as it saves him having to bend down into awkward places to look at the measurement himself.

14. Does he love listening to music?

gifts for 40th birthday male

Electrohome 3 in 1 Classic Turntable

Many people like to give this type of present as 40th birthday gifts for best friend and it’s easy to see why. The wooden turntable not only looks great but sounds amazing too. He will love being able to listen to his old albums in their full glory with this.

15. This is probably the coolest beer opener that I have ever seen

40th birthday gifts for dad

Johnny Catch Bottle Opener

What do you get for the man who has everything? If you are struggling to come up with ideas for his big day then why not get this cool bottle opener? The stainless steel and sleek opener fits onto the wall and is magnetic so catches the bottle tops as they are discarded. A great product this will make opening his beer easier and create less mess.

16. This smart scale is everything he need to track his health

40th birthday present for men

Weight Guru Smart Scale

Turning 40 is a big milestone and it is important that he keeps an eye on his health as the years go by. Get him this fantastic smart scale and he will see just how much you care about him and want to look after him. Measuring weight, body fat and lean mass the results can be synched to your smartphone for tracking purposes. He is going to find this 40th birthday gifts for men very useful.

17. This Himalayan salt lamp give him fresh air in his room or office

40th birthday gifts men

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is an amazing 40th birthday present for him and one he will treasure. Show him what he means to you by giving him the gift of fresh air in the office or at home. This lamp is made from Himalayan salt which is heated when switched on thus cleansing the air around.

18. This portable scanner is going to bring a lot of convenience in his daily office routine

40th birthday gift ideas for him

Doxie Portable Scanner

In the modern world, more information is scanned and sent via e-mail than ever. But what if he does not have a scanner at hand to use? Solve this problem for him and save him the time of going to a copier shop to use their scanner by buying him this. Smart and potable this will allow him to send off any documents he needs too quickly and easily.

19. Get this for your husband if his hair is thinning

mens 40th birthday gift ideas

Topikk Hair Fibers

One of the problems some men face as they age is the thinning or loss of hair. He will love this present if this applies to him as it will restore his confidence and give him a fuller head of hair. Made from a natural Keratin product, this combines with his natural hair to give a fantastic look. One of the best 40th birthday gifts ideas for him I’ve seen.

20. This portable steam iron is small enough for him to bring it anywhere

40th birthday gift ideas for husband

Portable Steam Iron

This powerful and portable steam iron is the ideal gift for the busy man on the move. Small enough to pack in his case, this iron will ensure he can look smart and press his clothes wherever he may be. Especially good for the travelling businessman, this is a thoughtful and useful gift for any man.

21. The best back shaver he will ever receive

Bakblade 2.0

If it’s unusual Men’s 40th birthday gifts ideas you’re after then this is the present for you. The Bakblade 2.0 will allow him to shave and tame any hard to reach back hair. With a sleek design and comfortable handle, he will love being able to groom himself to perfection for you with this.

22. This compact fridge that stores all his favorite drinks and pickle

40th-birthday-present-ideas-for-men compact fridge

Coca-Cola Compact Fridge

This 3.2 cubic liter capacity fridge is stunning with its classic Coca-Cola design and integrated bottle opener. Perfect for his man cave, he will never be short of a drink again with this safely installed.

23. He will never lose his stuff again with this item finder

40th birthday gift ideas for men tile finder


Tile Mate Item Finder

It’s no secret that as you grow older, your memory can slow down but this doesn’t have to be a problem for him with this gift. The Tile-Mate easily loops onto keys or keyrings and will mean he can simply ring from his mobile phone the next time he loses them. The Tile-Mate will beep in response to the phone call and misplaced items will be a thing of the past.

24. Food stuck in between his teeth? Try this water flosser

40th birthday gifts for him water flosser

Waterpik Water Flosser

One of the best 40th birthday gifts ideas for husband, this fabulous WaterPik Water Flosser will mean he can keep his teeth ultra-healthy and never get food stuck between them again. With 10 pressure settings and 7 water flossing tips, this lovely gift will keep that smile of his you love brighter than ever.

A 40th birthday is a special occasion that you want to share with the man in your life and get him a gift that he will remember. Any of these 40th birthday gifts for men will make him smile and let him know how much you love him. Share this with your friends and make sure all men get the 40th birthday gift they deserve!

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