25 Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad That Shows You Love him

Great 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad


Looking for 70th birthday gift ideas for dad?

The lynchpin of every family unit, when your Dad has a special birthday like a 70th it really is time to show him what he means to you. Whether it’s something funny or something emotional, there are some great 70th birthday gift ideas for Dad out there to make him smile.

1. One of the best 70th birthday gift ideas for dad. This t-shirt says it all

70th birthday gift ideas for dad

Freaking Awesome T-Shirt For Dad

Your Dad will absolutely love this T-Shirt with it’s warm message and stylish look. Made from 100% combed cotton, it also comes with a ‘World’s Best Dad’ certificate to make it extra special. He will love to wear this on family occasions or out with his friends to show how proud he is of you and how great it looks.

Funny 70 Years Old T-shirt

70 years old gift tshirt

Funny 70 Years Old T-shirt

Let’s put a smile on his face with this t-shirt on his coming birthday. Your grandpa or dad is going to love this.

2. Get this heated jacket for your dad to keep him warm on winter (Watch this video on how it works)

Ororo Heating Jacket

This unique jacket is ideal for the Dad who likes to be active still and would make a great birthday gift for a 70-year-old man. It will keep him warm whether he is waiting for the bus or out for a walk around town. The jacket contains a battery that heats it up and the detachable hood gives extra protection from the elements.

3. He is going to love this zero gravity massage chair

birthday gift for 70 year old man

Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This robust 2 stage zero gravity massage chair with S shaped design is perfect for the Dad who likes to relax. He will love being able to soothe away any aches or pains at the end of the day in this. As such it represents a good gift for a 70 year old man and one that will show him just how thoughtful you are.

4. Does he love ice cream?

birthday present for 70 year old man

Dad’s Ice Cream Plow

It can be hard to know what to buy a 70 year old man but this is one gift he will thank you for. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this spoon has the message ‘Dads Ice Cream Plow’ engraved on it. He will love using this when he fancies a treat and as a man will like something that is practical as well as thoughtful.

5. This bed fan is going to keep your dad cool or warm when sleeping (watch this awesome video)

BedJet Cooling Heating Fan

What better 70th birthday gift for Dad then this innovative cooling and heating fan from BedJet? It will help keep him just the right temperature in bed to ensure a good night’s sleep and a feeling or refreshment in the morning when he gets up. Whether he gets too hot or too cold usually, this fan will solve all his problems. This is such an unique 70th birthday gift ideas for dad.

6. How about getting him a new curved TV to watch his favourite show?

gifts for 70 year old man

Samsung Curved TV

This beautiful curved TV from Samsung would make a good gift for a 70 year old man. The ultra HD LED screen will let him watch all his favourite shows in glorious colour and detail which he will love. With smart functionality built in, this really would be a present your Dad would enjoy.

7. This is probably the sweetest gift he will ever receive

presents for 70 year old man

Thank You For Helping Me Build My Life Engraved Hammer

This is possibly the sweetest gift a daughter could give their father and sums up that bond between you perfectly. With a wooden handle and stainless-steel head, this hammer has the words ‘Thank you for helping my build my life’ engraved on it. Even the most stoic fathers will have a tear in his eye when you give him this gift.

8. This world most expensive coffee is the best coffee ever produced. He have to try this once in a lifetime

birthday gift ideas for 70 years old man

Luwak Star Coffee Bean

This is one of the best gift ideas for a 70 year old man especially if your Dad is a coffee lover. Made from 100% Arabica Sumatra Gayo Luwak Coffee Whole beans, this is the most luxurious coffee you can buy. Your Dad will love feeling like a king drinking this and thinking of you.

9. Looking for funny gift for your 70 year old dad?

gift ideas for 70 year old man

World Best Farter Funny T-Shirt

An ideal present for the Dad who is a joker, this T-Shirt shows how much he means to you in a humorous way. Made from superb material and with fast shipping, this gift will raise a smile from him and allow him to relax in style at the same time.

10. I think this is a very thoughtful book that your 70 year old dad should read

birthday gifts for a 70 year old man

I am too Young To Be Seventy

Written by Judith Viorist, this touching book looks at the realities of turning 70 in a light-hearted way. If you’re struggling with what to buy a 70 year old man then this could be the gift for you. Your Dad will be sure to enjoy its wry humour and love having something to read when sitting in the garden on a sunny day.

11. I think I am going to get this for myself

present ideas for 70 year old man

Pizza Box Pizza Maker

Now this is one cool present I totally want! With a funky pizza box look, this stainless-steel pizza maker will allow your Dad to cook up his own 12 inch pizzas. One for the food loving Dad, he will enjoy showing off his skills and coming up with his own pizza varieties on this.

12. Let your sibling jealous over this mug

70th birthday gifts for dad

Awesome Mug For Dad

With the hilarious message of ‘I love how we don’t even need to say it out loud that I’m your favourite child’ on, this mug is a great gift. Showing how much you think of your Dad in a light-hearted way, this mug will be one he will love to use and look at.

13. This gift will help him to understand you more

gifts for a 70 year old man

What I Love About Dad

Containing blank pages that you can write on to tell your Dad exactly what it is about him you like best, this is a top-class birthday gift for a 70 year old man. It’s hard-wearing design and stylish look make this a personal gift that is better than the usual tie. He will love being able to look through it at his leisure and understand you more.

14. Let him make sandwich easily with this gift

gifts 70 year old man

Hamilton Dual Sandwich Maker

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so treat your Dad to this and let him start off every day right. Not only will this look great in his kitchen, he will never be short of food to make first thing either. With a timer and the ability to cook two sandwiches at once, this is a brilliant present.

15. This decor will remind him of you everyday

gifts for 70 year old dad

I Love You Dad Lighted Acrylic Cube

When looking at gift ideas for a 70 year old man, this has to be considered. With a heart-warming message of ‘I Love You Dad’ to show him how you feel, the green light it emits is relaxing also. Your Dad will love this, not only because it expresses your love for him but also as a stylish addition to his home.

16. Get him a small pet

gift ideas for 70 year old dad

What better 70th birthday gift for Dad than this? It’s an especially good one if he lives on his own as it will provide company and something to look after for him. Pets are very good for your health too as they make us feel relaxed when handling them so this is a great gift idea. I would go with something like a cat or small dog so it isn’t too much to handle for him.

17. This is not an ordinary beer chiller

what to buy a 70 year old man

“World Coolest Dad” Engraved Chiller

If you’re Dad enjoys a cold beer at the end of a day then this is the perfect present for him. Measuring 8 inches in length, this stick chiller will go into his drink from the freezer and keep his beer colder for longer. With 4 flow holes, this will make his favourite drink even better and stop him having to get up for ice all the time.

18. Looking for gag gift for him? This back scratcher is everything

 gag gifts for 70 year old man

Redneck Backscratcher

The Deep South of America is not renowned for cutting edge technology but with this they might have got something! Especially good if your Dad can’t reach or move well anymore, this will allow him to get that itch freely and safely.

19. Tell him he is a hero with this mug

presents for a 70 year old man

I Have a Hero I Call Him Dad

A great 70th birthday gift for Dad, this will bring a tear to both your eyes when he reads it out. It really shows how important he is too you and how much you love him. Dishwasher safe and made from high-quality ceramic, he will never have to go searching for mug for his coffee again.

20. He is going to get busy after reading this book

gift ideas for a 70 year old man

Things To Do When You Turn 70

This inspiring book celebrates 70 things that your Dad can do now he’s 70. Making the point that turning 70 doesn’t mean you have to slow down, this has some great ideas and activities in it. A great present for the active Dad, he will appreciate this as it shows you know he is not over the hill yet and give him new things to try out.

21. How about make some beer?

birthday gift ideas for 70 year old man
Northern Brewer Beer Kit

Containing all your Dad needs to brew up his very own Block Party Amber Ale, this is a good gift for a 70 year old man. The kit comes with all the ingredients he needs to get going along with full instructions. Dads will love this as it saves him spending money on buying beer and will give him a new hobby to try out.

22. This system makes cheap beer taste expensive

Fizzics Beer System

This revolutionary beer system allows users to recreate the taste of draught poured beer but using store brought ale. Running on just 4 batteries and fitting most sizes of store brought cans, this is a great gift for most Dads. He will love recreating the taste of draught poured beer from his favourite bar as well as impressing all his friends with it.

23. He can relax anytime and anywhere with this massager

good gifts for 70 year old man

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

One of the most thoughtful gifts for a 70 year old man, this is perfect for your Dad if he suffers with any aches or pains. The 8 kneading rollers and easy on/off button will mean he can enjoy the soothing massage from this gift anytime he needs too. It’s so good, your Dad will love using it even if he is in fine health!

24. This hot dog toaster makes lunch easier

birthday present for 70 year old male

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster

With this superb gift, your Dad need never wait for his hot dogs again! The toaster cooks two hot dog sausages at the same time as toasting two buns so they’re ready together. Your Dad will value this as it means it will save him time and he can do all the cooking in one appliance. A great gift this will be something he will use time and again.

25. No more chilly hand on a cold day

best gift for a 70 year old man

Zippo Hand Warmer

With its rugged design and sleek looks, this is a great birthday gift for 70 year old man. Your Dad can hold these in his hands when cold outside and the flameless heat will keep his hands toasty. Buy him these and he will never get cold hands waiting for the bus in winter again!

As you can see, there are some great 70th birthday gift ideas for Dad out there. From pizza makers to hand-warmers and beer coolers, there’s sure to be something you’ll both love to buy him. Any of these presents would be ideal so let your friends know ready for when their Dad turns 70.

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