24 Best Birthday Gift For 40 Year Old Man (He Will Definitely Love #11)

Birthday Gift ideas For 40 Year Old Man

Looking for birthday gift for 40 year old man?

What better way to celebrate the man in your life turning 40 than by finding the best birthday gift for 40-year-old man? He will love the fact that you have taken the time to find something special to show how much you love him and want to make his big day one to remember. If you need some inspiration for what to get then let these fabulous presents help you out.

1. This shopping button is one of the best birthday gift for 40 year old man! Watch this video on how it works

Hiku The Shopping Button

Presents for 40-year-old man can be practical as well as thoughtful and this shopping button is no exception. This unique invention reads barcodes on products and recognises your voice so you can both create a shared shopping list on it. Next time you’re shopping online or in person, you can use it in place of a normal shopping list. It sure beats him having to remember to write thing down or keeping them all in his head!

2. Let him keep fit with this adjustable dumbells

birthday gift for 40 year old man

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbell

This is the ideal gift for 40 year old man as it will help keep him fit well into his 50’s and 60’s. He will love staying in trim and showing that turning 40 doesn’t mean losing his shape. Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds as required and eliminates the need to have lots of different weighed dumbbells cluttering up his gym space.

3. Get him a new headphone to enjoy his favorite music

40th birthday gifts for men

Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Offering an authentic 360 Bang and Olufsen experience, these superb headphones give a natural and loud sound. Their sleek, lightweight design and high-quality production will mean these will last for years and give him hours of pleasure listening to his favourite music.

4. Let’s keep all his favorite drinks in this compact fridge

40th birthday gift ideas for men

Marshall Compact Fridge

40th birthday gift ideas for men don’t come much cooler than this genuine Marshall compact fridge. Especially good if he is into rock music, the authentic Marshall speaker look and 4.4 cubic foot fridge with in built freezer will blow him away. Get him this and he will always have plenty of space to store his beers when having friends over to watch the game.

5. How about a bag of delicious jerky?

gifts for 40 year old man

Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks Jerky

If your Dad, brother or husband enjoys snacking this is the present for him! Coming in a stylish cooler bag, you get 12 packs of mouth-watering beef jerky in different flavours. One of the best gift for 40-year-old man I’ve seen, he will always have something on hand when he gets hungry with this.

6. Get this personalize real bullet opener for him

40th birthhday presents for him

Personalize 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

A great 40th birthday present for him, this 50-calibre real bullet bottle opener will a gift he will love. Made from a genuine real Browning machine gun round, it will make a great talking point for him with his friends and comes in its own box. Even better, you can have a message engraved on it to show your true feelings for him.

7. Get him his favourite wine

gift ideas for 40 year old man

Oregon & Washington Red Wine

This pack of 3 tasty red wines from the Naked Winery would make the perfect present if he is a wine lover. With a bottle each of the Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties this is a gift he will enjoy opening and sharing with you or his friends.

8. Let him try this heart rate monitor to live healthy

Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

A useful 40 year old birthday gift for him, this monitor will ensure he can keep on top of his health and stay fit for years to come. The monitor is worn on the wrist when exercising or just walking around and feeds back various health information such as heart rate and steps taken. With the ability to synch up to his smartphone, this is a great piece of kit.

9. This butterscotch beer seems refreshing

best gifts for 40 year old man

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

As unique presents for a 40 year old man go, this is one of the best I’ve seen. Inspired by the Harry Potter films, this beer comes straight from Hogwarts for him to taste. If he is a fan of the Harry Potter series then he will love pretending he is Harry while enjoying this drink.

10. This rug alarm clock is going to force him to wake up

gifts for 40 year old male

Rug Carpet Alarm Clock

This is a brilliant idea if the man you’re buying for is not a morning person! The soft, fluffy rug also has an alarm in it that is loud enough to wake him up even in a deep sleep. Once the alarm is on, the only way to switch it off is for him to stand on it for 3 seconds. Not only does it look fantastic but it will ensure he wakes up on time and energised every morning.

11. Looking for a good quality and affordable watch?

gifts for a 40 year old man

Vincero Watch

If you’re thinking of getting him something extra special but that won’t break the bank, then try this luxurious yet reasonable Vincero Watch.

He will love its elegant style and the way it will remind him of you each time he checks it. I think this is one of a most beautiful birthday gift for 40 year old man.

12. Let him keep his alcohol in this beautiful sixteen century Italian globe replica

birthday presents for 40 year old man

Sixteen Century Italian Globe Replica

Birthday presents for 40-year-old man don’t have to be boring or dull. Spice up his birthday with this quality drinks holder with its hinged lid, beautiful legs and 38.5 size. Never again will he have to leave his bottles on the side, cluttering the house up and he will love looking at the globe itself when enjoying a drink.

13. This plastic welder can fix almost everything

presents for a 40 year old man

Bondic Plastic Welder

This is a fresh product in that it’s the world’s first plastic welder. If he is a DIY enthusiast then this kit containing welder, bondic sticks and carry case is ideal for him. 100% solvent free, he will love using this on all his future DIY projects.

14. Let him make ice coffee in seconds

gifts for men turning 40

Hyper Chiller Ice Coffee Maker

A superb gift for 40-year-old man, this iced coffee maker is one of a kind and a present he will treasure. It is dishwasher safe and its 12.5-ounce capacity can chill coffee down in under a minute for quick results. If he likes his iced coffee but doesn’t like waiting for it then this is the gift for him.

15. He is going to love this speaker

gift 40 year old man

Fluance Wireless Speaker

A must for any music loving 40-year-old man, this hi-fidelity three-way speaker brings the concert to your home. The powerful integrated amplifier and 8 inch sub-woofers make sure he will be able to enjoy his music as loud and raucous as he wants! With the ability to stream tracks from sources like Spotify, this stylish speaker is a fantastic 40-year-old birthday gift for him.

16. This will let him release some stress

presents for 40 year old male

Adult Coloring Book

One of the more amusing birthday presents for 40 year old man, this colouring book is an ideal gift for the joker in your family. With its adult message on the cover and inside, this will allow him to de-stress and let his frustrations out after a long day at work.

17. You know what’s this? It is a fire log!

gift ideas for a 40 year old man

Human Skull Fire Log

This has got to be the best gift for 40 year old man! In the shape of a human skull, this log would be ideal for a fire pit or fireplace as its durable, weather proof and gives out lots of heat. Watch his face as he unwraps this and tries to work out what it is – he will be amazed you found something so crazy!

18. Now he can make his favourite pop corn at home

best present for 40 year old man

Great Northern Vintage Popcorn Maker

This vintage-style popcorn maker will look great in his office or the kitchen of your home. With 3 settings, tempered glass for safety and a 3-year warranty perfect popcorn will be his to enjoy whenever he likes or you watch a movie together. Not only does it make great popcorn but it looks ultra-cool too. I think this is a great birthday gift for 40 year old man.

19. Does he always travel round?

40 year old birthday gifts for him

Simple Tech Travel Pillow

It can be hard to come up with 40th birthday gift ideas for men but this is a great present for him if he travels a lot with work. Easy to inflate when needed, once used it can be deflated again for simple storage. With its ergonomic design and soft material, this will ensure he never has to experience discomfort when traveling around again.

20. He is going to find this multi grill useful

40 year old gifts for him

Hamilton Beach Multi Grill

A fabulous 40th birthday present for him, this is perfect if he loves cooking. He’ll get maximum enjoyment from being able to cook the family delicious meals with this grill. It can go in the dishwasher so is easy to clean and has adjustable temperature controls to get the food just right.

21. This bullet shape whiskey stone is so cool

birthday gift 40 year old man

Bullet Shape Whiskey Stone

If he likes a tipple of whiskey at the end of the day then these bullet shaped whiskey stones will make an amazing present for him. Made from stainless steel and designed to be re-used, these will keep his favourite drink chilled to perfection so he can enjoy it for longer.

22. He is going to get the perfect goatee every morning

birthday gifts for a 40 year old man

Goatee Shaving Template

Beards are very popular again so why not treat him to this and make sure he gets the right shave every time? Presents for a 40-year-old man can be practical as well as romantic and this template is a superb gift. Fitting on his face when he shaves, this will get the shape of his beard spot on 100% of the time.

23. For the guy who loves hot dog

birthday present 40 year old man

Nostalgia Hotdog Toaster

Cooking two regular or large hot dogs at a time along with the buns to put them in, this is a present that will save him time and allow him to enjoy his favourite food quicker. In a stylish red design, it will look great in his kitchen and mean he will always have a quick snack to hand.

24. He is going to love this unique lift out  coffee table

best gift for a 40 year old man

Sauder Carson Lift Out Coffee Table

An extremely thoughtful 40 year old birthday gift for him, this coffee table gives great style as well as lots of storage. Made from high-quality wood, the table top even lifts to give space to put things in. He will be able to put all his important things in one place and have them to hand when needed.

Choosing the ideal gift to help the man in your life celebrate turning 40 needn’t be hard. As this list shows, a birthday gift for 40 year old man can be funny, touching or romantic depending on who you are buying for. Remember to pass this onto any friends who need a hand shopping and make sure every 40th birthday is special.

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