20 Thoughtful Birthday Gift For 80 Year Old Man That is Too Awesome To Pass

Birthday Gift For 80 Year Old Man

Choosing the right birthday gift for 80 year old man is something special that will make his big day complete. Finding a gift that is unique and thoughtful to show how much he means to you need not be a problem with all the gifts we have rounded up here. You’ll love it as much as he does when you see the smile on his face as he opens it!

1. This is the best game to play with your family. Watch this funny clip below

Watch Ya Mouth

If you’re wondering what to buy an 80 year old man than this could be a great idea for you. Most men of that age cherish their families so what better gift than a game you can all play together? This hilarious game involves hours of fun as teams of players attempt to read out phrases while wearing cheek retractors.

Tell him how great he is with this awesome t-shirt

Awesome T-shirt For 80 Years Old

How about telling him how great he is with this t-shirt? I am pretty sure he is going to smile ear to ear wearing this.

2. Probably one of the best birthday gift for 80 year old man

gift for 80 year old man

Shiatsu Massager With Heat

It may be the case that the man you’re buying for is getting some aches and pains now he is 80. If so, then this shiatsu massager is the perfect present for him. With 8 kneading rollers and 2 massage directions, this will help him relax after a busy day and soothe his neck and shoulders.

3. Is he your dad? Tell him what you love about him

birthday gift for 80 year old man

Knock Knock What I Love About Dad

A great product, I love the way this lets you spell out how much your Dad means to you and show him how much you care. One of the best gift for 80 year old man, he will also love seeing your true feelings towards him written down. Coming with numerous blank pages with prompts to write on, you will have a great time completing the journal for him.

4. This is the best mug he will ever receive

80th birthday gifts for him

Funny Coffee Mug

With a witty message on of ‘It took 80 years to become this awesome and almost perfect’, this coffee mug is one of the more humorous 80th birthday gift ideas for him. Made from high-quality ceramic, it also has an easy to grip handle so he can enjoy his coffee in peace without spilling it.

5. Let him keep his hot tea or coffee in this tumbler

presents for 80 year old man

Leaf Life Bamboo Tea Tumbler

If you’re Dad or Husband enjoys getting out and about to keep young, then why not treat him to this? The Leaf Life Bamboo Tea Tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and looks stylish with its bamboo outer shell. No more will he have to buy a drink when he’s out or find his tea has gone cold.

6. Let him make coffee anywhere he go

gift ideas for 80 years old man

Handpresso Outdoor Set

As 80th birthday gift ideas for Dad go, this is a real knockout. This portable espresso making system will be right up his street if he loves coffee and wants to enjoy it wherever he is. Very portable and easy to use, he can enjoy his favourite drink even when he’s not at home with this present.

7. This gift is going to keep his hand warm during winter

gift ideas for 70 year old dad

Kozy Hand Warmer

A considerate yet practical birthday present for an 80-year-old man, the Kozy Hand Warmer will keep his hands toasty when the weather is cold. He will love being able to keep them warm when outside with this gift and not have to worry about getting chills in the winter. Easy to hold and use, this is a fantastic gift for the older man.

8. This system is going to make a cheap beer taste like premium beer. Watch this guy unbox this awesome gadget

Fizzics Beer Dispenser

If the 80-year-old man you’re buying for still enjoys a glass of beer then this would make a brilliant present for him. The beer dispenser will make any store purchased beer taste like a draft and will make him feel as though he is in his favorite bar on an evening out. With its stylish design and battery power, this is a gift he will treasure.

9. Put his family photo on slideshow in this digital frame

gifts for an 80 year old man

Nix Digital Frame

The Nix Digital Photo Frame is a 15-inch frame that allows him to have his family photos displayed via a moving slideshow as well as playing videos. These types of presents make great gift ideas for an 80-year-old man as it lets him see his family and enjoy remembering all the good times he’s had with them over the years.

10. Is your dad a guitar player?

birthday present for 80 year old

Sweet Guitar Pick

If your Dad is a rock and roll type of guy then this guitar pick is just the thing for him. With its sweet message of ‘I couldn’t pick a better Dad’ on, he will love using this to play his guitar with. One of the best 80th birthday gift ideas for Dad around, he will also like the fact that is practical.

11. Let him read easily on this tablet

80th birthday gift ideas for dad

Kindle Paperwhite

Coming with its 6-inch, high resolution screen and built in Wi-Fi, this is a great gift idea if he likes to read. With plenty of storage for lots of books, the Kindle is easy to read and portable so he can take it wherever he likes. Gone are the days of having to carry heavy books around with him or needing lots of shelves to store them on!

12. Bring him to a fancy dinner

birthday gifts for an 80 year old man


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy an 80-year-old man and if this is the case for you then I would recommend this option. He will really enjoy spending time with his family and grandchildren along with trying new food or celebrating at his favourite restaurant. Whether he likes Italian, Thai or Indian take him for a meal out that the whole family will enjoy. I think this is a great birthday gift for 80 year old man to try some food he never tried before.

13. He will never sleep on a cold bed anymore with this gift

80th birthday gifts for men

Sun Beam Heated Pad

A superb birthday present for 80 year old man, this heated pad will make sure he never sleeps on a cold bed again or suffers from any illnesses caused by being cold. With 10 settings, he can get it just how he likes it and it’s machine washable for ease of care. He will truly be thankful for this to keep him healthy in years to come.

14. I am sure he got a lot of vinyl player hidden under his bed

birthday present for 80 year old man

1byOne Vinyl Player

I’m sure most men turning 80 will have some old vinyl records they would love to play hidden in the loft. If so, then this belt driven vinyl turntable with built-in speaker will make his birthday a musical occasion. Made from warm looking natural wood, he will have hours of fun reliving his youth with this gift. Just watch out for the Dad dancing that will surely follow!

15. Let’s keep him busy

gifts for 80 year old dad

80 Things To Do When you Turn 80

A fun and light-hearted gift, this book shows that just because he’s 80 doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of excitement left to be had. This ranks as one of the best gift ideas for 80-year-old man as it will keep him active and busy. It will also give him something to read when he is relaxing from doing the activities in there at the end of the day.

16. Get him a basket full of fruit cheese and nuts

what to buy an 80 year man

Golden State Gift Basket

Naturally, when the man in your life turns 80, you will want to help keep him fit and vibrant. This gift basket with fancy ‘Thank You’ ribbon helps do just that with its mixture of nuts and cheese. Not only is it a very thoughtful present but it will also save him time and effort in having to go out and buy it himself.

17. He is going to love this fishing lure

best gift for 80 year old man

Fishing Lure For Dad

As 80th birthday gift ideas for Dad goes this is fantastic if he loves fishing. Made from stainless steel and rose gold-plated, it has a personal message of ‘I hooked Daddy’s heart’ on. Every time he goes to enjoy his number one pastime, he can look at this and think of you. He will be even more impressed if it helps him catch more fish too!

18. How about making a list of 80 things I love about him?

gift ideas for an 80 year old man

80 Things We Love About You

If your Dad is a real family man then this is one of the great 80th birthday gift ideas for him. Simply get all your close family to write a few lines expressing how they feel about him and then put it all together in a framed collage to give on his big day He will be overwhelmed to see how much you all love him and the thought that has gone into the present.

19. Bring him to the beach!



If you want one of the best birthday present for 80-year-old man then why not treat him to a day out at the beach? He will love getting outside in the sun and fresh air and seeing somewhere different than he normally goes. Treat him to an ice-cream as well and you will all have a day to remember!

20. He is going to love this rocking chair/sofa so much

gifts for a 80 year old man

Baby Relax Double Rocker

This stylish and comfortable rocking chair is one and a half times bigger than a standard one for extra room. Easy to assemble, it will look great in his lounge and not take up too much room. One thing is for sure – he will love being able to relax in this after a busy day and watch his favorite TV program.

Any of the fabulous presents on our list will make his 80th birthday a special occasion and show him how much he means to you. Turning 80 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun so make sure you treat him to something he’ll love. Getting a great birthday gift for 80-year-old man needn’t be hard so share this with your friends if they need help!

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