27 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad From Daughter That Will Bring Him Tears

Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad From Daughter

Looking for awesome birthday gift ideas for Dad from Daughter?

One of the most special and lasting bonds in life is between a daughter and her Dad. Always there to give advice and lend a hand, your Dad is the rock you lean on when you need support. If his birthday is coming up, treat him to one of these birthday gift ideas for Dad to show how much you love him.

1. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter

birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter

I’m a Proud Dad Of a Freaking Awesome Daughter

With the lovely message of ‘I’m the proud Dad of a freaking awesome daughter’ on it, this comfy and stylish T-Shirt will be a present he’ll love. Made from 100% combed cotton, he won’t be able to wait to show it to his friends and tell them how much he likes it.

2. Does your dad play guitar?

gifts for dad from daughter

Lovely Guitar Pick

If your Dad is musical then why not treat him to his present? As gifts to daddy from daughter go, this will hit the right note as he can use it at a gig or when practicing. Made from stainless steel and with a message on of ‘I couldn’t pick a better Dad’, this will melt the heart of even the hardest rocker!

3. This gifts will bring your dad to tears

birthday gifts for dad from daughter

Thank You For Helping Me Build My Life

Another very touching dad presents from daughter, this hammer shaped key-chain will show just how much you care about him. Coming in its own gift box, this will not only warm his heart but make sure he always knows where his keys are.

4. For your dad who is over protective

dad gifts from daughter

Dad Against Daughter Dating T-Shirt

I like funny gifts for Dad from daughter and this is a great one. With a warning message for potential boyfriends on, it is 100% cotton and designed to last a lifetime. Not only will this make him laugh but it will show how much you appreciate him looking out for you

5. Let your dad release some stress with this coloring book

gift ideas for dad from daughter

Dad Life Coloring Book

One of the best birthday gifts from Dad to daughter is this relaxing colouring book. He will love being able to sit an unwind after a busy day with this present. With a range of Dad related pictures inside to scribble on, this will keep him busy for a while and help him unwind from any stresses.

6. Let your sibling jealous

gifts from daughter for dad

Your Favourite Child Coffee Mug

Prepare to make your siblings jealous with this amusing mug. With its humorous message of ‘I love how we don’t have to say out loud I’m our favourite child’, it will make him laugh and bring a tear to his eye too. Made from high-quality ceramic, this is one of the best Dad presents from daughter.

7. What about this drinking glass?

birthday presents for dad from daughter

Dad is My Hero Drinking Glass

What should I get for Dad on his birthday is a common question. This fun gift is the ideal answer that he will love, not only as he can have his favourite drink in it but also because it will allow him to see how much you care. This sturdy, high quality glass will be one he’ll love to use time and again to drink his favourite beer from.

8. Your dad is going to have a good laugh at this one

unique gifts for dad from daughter

World’s Best Farter T-Shirt

As funny gifts for Dad from Daughter go this is a good one. Showing the hilarious message ‘World’s Best Farter, I mean Father’ on it, the T-Shirt looks great and comes in a funky colour. He’ll love wearing this to the pub and being able to show his friends how great a daughter he has.

9. This will remind him of you everyday

gifts for dad birthday from daughter

Dad Poem Chalkboard

Sometimes it can help to write down how we feel about someone as well as telling them and this gift lets you do just that. This 8 x 10-inch chalkboard has a lovely message on and will look great hanging in his office and reminding him of you. A thoughtful gift, he will love to read the message again and again while thinking of you.

10. Does he love fishing?

gifts to dad from daughter

Stamped Fishing Lure

With its touchingly simple message of ‘I love you Dad’ on, this fishing lure makes a great gift if he likes getting out by the river. Not only will it let him catch more fish but each time he does, he will see the message and think of you. Dad’s love presents that are useful as well as emotional and this fits the bill to perfection.

11. This gift is going to let him know more about you

dad presents from daughter

What I Love About Dad

This is one of the best dad gift ideas from daughter I’ve seen and one that really hits the mark. Filled with blank pages containing different prompts and subjects, he will love getting this and seeing how much you think of him as he reads it. With its hard cover, it will last for years as he looks at it time and again. This is such a sweet birthday gift ideas for Dad from Daughter.

12. You can personalize the state in this mug. This is a great gift for your dad if you can’t make it to his birthday

dad birthday gifts from daughter

Personalized Long Distance State Mug

A perfect birthday gift and one of the more unique gifts from Dad to daughter, this will let your Dad know you’re thinking of him even if he is far away. Made from high-quality ceramic, this 11-ounce mug can be personalised to any state, province and country you like. It won’t matter where in the world he is, he can always have you by him with this present.

13. He is going to find this money clip both sweet and useful

dad birthday gift ideas from daughter

Rose Gold Money Clip

Good gifts for Dad from daughter should be kind as well as touching – this money clip is just that. Made from stainless steel with a rose gold finish, it is hand stamped with the message ‘Always your little girl’. He’ll love being reminded of this and how close you are with this gift.

14. This box sign is going to be a great decor in his room

gift ideas for dads birthday from daughter

Kathy Box Sign

This 3.5 by 4-inch wooden square sign comes with the slogan ‘I love that you’re my Dad’ and he will love that you’re his daughter when he sees this. A great gift to hang in his study, it not only looks great but sums up how special your relationship with him is.

15. Looking for a funny present for your dad?

funny gifts for dad from daughter

Feelin Good Tees

Coming in a range of sizes and colours, this T-Shirt is one of the best funny gifts for Dad from daughter. Not only does it look great but it is comfortable too and the funny message on it of ‘Yes I do have a beautiful daughter, I also have a gun, a shovel and an alibi’ will make him laugh.

16. Don’t you think this gift is too sweet?

gift from daughter to father

O.Riya Necklace

This set from O Riya is perfect for the Dad who likes to show his feelings about you. As Dad gift ideas from daughter go, this is perfect and is something you can both enjoy. The set comes with a necklace for you and keychain for him with special messages hand stamped on to show how close you are.

17. So nobody is going to invade his parking again

dad gift ideas from daughter

World’s Greatest Dad Parking Only Sign

This embossed metal sign measure 8 by 12 inches and will mean he never has to hunt for his parking space again! With the message of ‘World’s Greatest Dad Parking Only’ on, he can hang this on the wall of his house and always be sure to get his favourite spot.

18. For your dad who fixes everything including your heart get broken for the first time

best birthday gifts for dad from daughter

Keep Calm And Papa Will Fix it

Dads are always there to pick you up when you need it and what better way to say thank you than this T-Shirt? Gifts for daddy from daughter don’t come much truer than this and he will love you showing how much you appreciate his help and support.

19. I don’t think he is going to use this hankie, but he will carefully keep it

good gifts for dad from daughter

Lilian Rose Hankie

This fashionable and classic looking hankie is probably one he will want to keep rather than use! With a lovely message on expressing how much you care for him, this will be a gift he will cherish and keep for years to come.

20. The coolest pocket knife and beer coolie he will ever receive

birthday gifts for dad from daughter ideas

Gift Set For Dad

This is a brilliant set to buy your Dad for his birthday as he will love being able to use it every time he is enjoying a beer and relaxing. The pocket knife is compact and easy to open with the message of ‘Best Dad Ever’ on while the coolie is stylish and designed to keep his favourite beer chilled. This is up there with the best birthday gifts from Dad to daughter.

21. This figurine is so lovely

daddy gifts from daughter

Willow Tree Father And Daughter Figurine

This 5-inch-tall, porcelain figure is from the Willow Tree company who produce imaginative yet personal figurines. Showing a father and daughter relaxing together, this will show how much you enjoy spending time with him and make him want to even ore. A great addition to his desk or bedside table, he will really treasure this gift.

22. Let him know he is your hero with this mug

daddy gifts from baby girl

I Have a Hero I call Him Dad

Good gifts for Dad from daughter come in all forms and this mug is no exception. With its large 18-ounce size, easy to hold handle and ‘I have a hero, I call him Dad’ inscription on the outside, he will enjoy his coffee even more drinking it from this personal mug.

23. I think this is a great gift for dad from baby girl

gifts for dad from baby girl

Daddy’s Girl Wall Frame

Holding one 6 by 4-inch photo, this frame will stand easily on his desk and mean he always has you by him whenever he needs you. The frame itself looks great and will make an ideal gift with its message of your love for him on.

24. For your dad who loves to have fun

gift for fathers from daughters

Awesome Hero + Fun Mug

If you’re asking ‘what should I get Dad for his birthday?’ then consider this gift. I think the message on it of ‘Awesome Hero and Fun=Dad’ perfectly sums up how special Dads are and so will he. With its cork bottom and high-quality ceramic design, this is a great gift if he likes his coffee.

25. This is not an ordinary hammer

what to get for dad from daughter

Extraordinary Hammer

We all need help from our Dads at various points in our life and this hammer shows how much we appreciate all he does for us. With a message of ‘Thank You for Helping to Build My Life’ on, he will treasure being able to use this on his next DIY project or remind himself how important he is to you. Isn’t this a sweet birthday gift ideas for Dad from Daughter?

26. I think his garage need this

what should I get for dad on his birthday

Dad’s Fix It Shop

Gift ideas for Dad’s birthday from daughter don’t come much better than this! This amusing sign will look great in is workshop or garage and raise a laugh from him every time he sees it. 5 by 8 inches in size, the leather strap included makes it easy to hang wherever he likes.

27. Your dad love beer?

gifts for daddy from daughter

World’s Coolest Dad Engraved Chillers

If your Dad enjoys a beer to wind down at the end of the day then this is a great present for him. One of the best gift ideas for Dad’s birthday from daughter, this will keep his drink colder and more refreshing for longer. With an engraved message on of ‘World’s Coolest Dad, this is sure to be a hit with him.

Dads are so special and important in our lives that it is only natural we want to spoil them on their big day with something unique and personal. The birthday gift ideas for Dad from daughter in this list will do just that. Share with your friends and then if they’re looking for the ideal gift, they know where to look.

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