41 Amazing Game of Thrones Gifts For Him (Someone Get Me #39!)

Looking for Game of Thrones gifts for him?

Currently in its seventh season and with the eighth on the way in 2018 or 2019, the HBO TV series Game of Thrones is massively popular.

Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it features the war between seven families to grab control of the Iron Throne and gain ultimate power.

If he is a fan of this wonderful series, there are lots of great Game of Thrones gifts for him out there to buy.

Why not pick one of the below up and surprise him with a brilliant gift from his favourite programme?

1. The North Remembers…This is a great game of thrones gifts for him

game of thrones gifts for him tshirt
The North Remembers T-Shirt

This officially licensed Game of Thrones T-Shirt from the series is screen-printed and boasts a fantastic logo design on it.

Fully machine washable, the material it’s made from is cotton so it is very comfortable to wear.

He’ll love wearing on his next night out with his friends and showing off where his allegiances lie!

2. Khaleesi and Dragon

Funko Pop Dragon and Daenerys Action Figure

Made from high-quality vinyl and standing 4.5 inches tall, this POP figure will instantly brighten up the room of any Game of Thrones fan.

One of the best Game of Thrones gifts I’ve seen, this cute figure will make a great addition to his bedroom.

3. Stark Keychain

game of thrones gifts for him keychain
Stark Keychain

This beautiful keychain is one of the coolest Game of Thrones gifts for him and will mean he always has his keys to hand.

Designed in the house symbol of the Stark family from the series, it has their motto of ‘Winter is Coming’ engraved on the back which is a great touch for any fans of the show.

4. Game of Thrones Map

game of thrones gifts for him
Game of Thrones Map

This superb wall poster would look great in a frame and shows the full world that the show is set in.

36 inches wide and 24 inches high, he will love hanging this in his study or room and looking at where all his favourite places in it are.

With great detail and attention to fact, this is a great idea if he likes his Game of Thrones décor.

5. Winter is coming t-shirt

game of thrones gifts for him winter is coming t shirt
Stark Winter is Coming T-Shirt

He’ll love getting this as a gift and wearing it at the next family BBQ to impress and look cool in.

With a crew neck cut, it’s 100% cotton and comes in a fabulous black design with the Stark family logo and motto on it.

I think this is a gift any Game of Thrones fan would love!

6. Jon Snow Figurine

game of thrones gifts for him jon snow figurine
Jon Snow Figurine

Perfect to liven up his desk or bedroom shelf, this will instantly give any room that Game of Thrones appeal.

A genuine POP figure in the shape of the popular Jon Snow character, the durable vinyl construction and funky look make this a great gift for Game Of Thrones fans.

7. Ghost Direwolf

game of thrones gifts for him ghost dire wolf figurine
Ghost Dire Wolf Figurine

The direwolf known as Ghost in the show is an albino and originally born as the runt of the litter.

Since though, he has grown to be as strong as the other direwolves and is Jon Snow’s personal pet.

If this is his favourite character then this POP figure will go down a treat and let him show off his caring, animal loving side.

8. Drogon Figurine

game of thrones gifts for him vinyl dragon figurine
Drogon Vinyl Figurine

Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this high-quality vinyl POP figurine from Funko is one of the best Game Of Thrones gifts for him.

In the shape of the Drogon character, it will give a touch of cuteness to his desk at work if he wants to inject some fun into it.

Full of brilliant, cartoon-style detail, this is a fans dream.

9. Faceless Coin

game of thrones gifts for him faceless coin
Iron Coin Of The Faceless

Weighing just six grams and only one inch in diameter, this officially licensed product from George R.R. Martin (the show’s creator) is fantastic.

Used by Arya Stark, the darkened and waxed finish looks superb while the high-quality metal it’s made from ensure it’s very durable.

One of the best Game of Throne Christmas gifts for him I’ve seen.

10. The Dragon Eggs

game of thrones gifts for him dragon eggs
The Dragon Eggs

If you’re looking for a Game Of Thrones gift set for him then this is the perfect present for you!

The 3 small resin eggs are replicas of Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion and come in a swanky presentation case.

An officially licensed product, each egg is 3 inches by 2 inches in size and will make a great collectors gift for him to keep going into the future.

11. This letter opener is awesome

game of thrones gifts for him letter opener
Ice Sword Letter Opener

Silver in colour and 9 inches in length, this superb letter opener will mean he can always deal with his post in style.

The Ice Sword is a Valyrian steel greatsword as well as being a heirloom of the House of Stark and the clever design of this item pays full homage to that.

12. I kinda feel bad to laugh at this door stop

game of thrones gifts for him hodor door stopper
Hodor Door Stopper

As Game of Throne gifts for him go, this is a brilliant one.

Laser engraved with the name of Hodor on and stained in an elegant colour, this will mean he can keep his door open safely but also in style.

The pinewood it’s made from will last for years and the smooth edges make it a product that is perfect to have around the home or office.

13. Hand Of The King Wax Seal Kit

game of thrones gifts for him merchandise
Hand Of The King Wax Seal Kit

In the series, the Hand of the King is used when the King is absent and official documents need signing in his place.

Whoever wields the seal has great power so why not let your man experience some of that when he’s next sending a letter out?

This fun gift has the seal itself in along with blank scrolls, envelopes and wax sticks to melt.

14. Let’s learn some Dothraki language

game of thrones gifts for him christmas
Dothraki Language

One of the more unusual Game of Thrones gift ideas is this living language set.

Containing a 128-page manual and one-hour audio CD, this will teach him the Dothraki language in full from the show.

If he’s a super-fan, he will be thrilled to get this and spend his spare time learning a new language in full to impress with.

15. Let’s find out why Tyrion love wine so much

game of thrones gifts for him wine
Game Of Throne Red Wine

This tasty red wine is an official Game of Thrones product so he can enjoy a drink at night while pretending to be in Westeros.

With flavours of blackberry, vanilla and cocoa aromas, this wine will be sure to go down well with him.

16. Limited edition The Hound helm

game of thrones gifts for him the hounds helm
The Hound’s Helm

Former bodyguard to King Joffrey and a vicious warrior, The Hound is certainly one of the more interesting characters in the series.

This limited edition collectable figure of his helm is one of just 2500 made.

Made from high-quality material and with superb attention to detail, he will love getting this and using it to freshen his bedside table up with.

One of the best Game of Throne gift ideas for him out there if he loves The Hound.

17. Winter is coming…

game of thrones gifts for him winter is coming t-shirt
Winter is Coming T-Shirt

In a range of colours and size, this is a great gift for him if he likes the House of Stark and needs a new addition to his wardrobe.

Fully machine-washable, this short-sleeved T-Shirt is made from cotton for comfort and style.

He’ll love having something new and interesting to wear the next time you go out.

18. Salt and Pepper Shakers

game of thrones gifts for him salt and pepper shakers
Stark and Lannister Salt and Pepper

Coming with one salt shaker and one pepper shaker, this set is ideal for the Game of Thrones fan in your life.

With the symbol of the House of Lannister on one and the House of Stark on the other, these will give meal times a funky new twist.

One of the most unusual Game Of Thrones gifts out there and one he will love seasoning his steak with.

19. Character T-shirt

game of thrones gifts for him character t shirt
Character T-Shirt

If you’re wanting to buy funny Game of Throne shirts, then look no further!

This officially licensed product is machine washable and 100% cotton which makes it comfortable for him to wear.

With cartoons style representations of popular characters such as Jon Snow, The Hound and Khal Drogo on, this bright T-Shirt will be one he will love to show off in on his next night out.

20. Hodor T-Shirt

game of thrones gifts for him hodor t shirt
Hodor T-Shirt

Another great idea if you want funny Game of Thrones shirts is this one which reference the character Hodor.

In a variety of sizes and with a contemporary look, the message of ‘Not all heroes wear capes, some just hold the door’ will make him laugh each time he puts it on.

21. I drink and I know things

game of thrones gifts for him funny t shirt
I Drink and I Know Things T-Shirt

Let your man unleash his inner Tyrion Lannister with this item.

With a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton, this not only looks great but will help raise a laugh with his friends next time he sees them.

The soft fabric and cool lettering will make this an instant hit with him.

22. Valar Morghulis T-shirt

game of thrones gifts for him valar morghulis t shirt
Valar Morghulis T-Shirt

If his favourite ever episode is the Valar Morghulis one that closed Series 2 then he will treasure this T-Shirt and love to wear it around the house.

Pre-shrunk for a better fit and made from 100% cotton, this is not only very comfortable but looks simply amazing too.

A great Game Of Thrones T-Shirt for him!

23. Daenerys figurine

game of thrones gifts for him daenerys figurine
Daenerys Figurine

This beautiful Daenerys figure would make the ideal gift for any Game of Thrones fan and instantly give his desk a touch of elegance and class.

7.5 inches tall and made from top-grade plastic, this moulded figure has superb detail and shows Daenerys with her dragon eggs.

Trust me, this Game Of Thrones gift set will be a present he will love to look at.

24. Can anyone get this for me please?

game of thrones gifts for him iron throne replica
Iron Throne Replica

As Game of Thrones gift ideas go, this is a great idea. This 7-inch model is a faithful replica of the famed Iron Throne from the show.

Superbly detailed, he will love to get this as a gift from you and put it around the home to show off to visitors that he is a fan.

Great value, this looks great and is an official product also.

25. Crystal Iron Throne

game of thrones gifts for him crystal LED iron throne
Crystal Iron Throne Replica

This stunning item will give a striking and unusual look to his desk at work and show everyone that he is a fan of the series.

With an image of the iconic Iron Throne etched onto it, a gold LED light is also contained to illuminate the design when switched on.

Made from solid glass and sitting on a black base, this is a great addition to his current Game Of Thrones décor.

26. Dragon Skull

game of thrones gifts for him dragon figurine
Game of Throne Dragon Skull 18 inch Figurine

Constructed from high quality polyresin, this will impress his friends and give an edgy look to his man cave!

Hand-painted and polished, it measures 18.5 inches long by 12.5 inches tall and gives a great talking point to anyone who sees it.

27. Hand Of The King Bottle Opener

game of thrones gifts for him hand of the king bottle opener
Hand Of The King Bottle Opener

Get him this and watch his delight as he uses it to open his beer time and again in style.

It would be especially good as part of a Game of Throne beer gift set and finish off his home bar perfectly.

With a long-lasting golf finish and unique ‘Hand of the King’ design, this is a brilliant gift idea.

28. Iron Throne cute version

game of thrones gifts for him cute iron throne
Funko Pop Iron Throne Replica

One of the cutest Game of Thrones gift ideas for him is this vinyl POP figure of the Iron Throne.

Perfect if he is younger and wants a model of the throne but something a bit softer than in metal, this stands out as a great idea for any Game of Thrones fan.

29. Targaryen Beer Steins

game of thrones gifts for him targaryen beer stein
House Targaryen Beer Stein

With a generous 22-ounce capacity and high-class ceramic design, this beer stein will mean he always has something special to drink his night time beer out of.

With superb detail on the stein itself, he will feel like a real member for the House of Targaryen with these.

A perfect idea if you want something different than a Game of Thrones horn mug.

30. Funny Mug

game of thrones gifts for him all men must poop mug
All Men Must Poop Mug

One of the funniest gifts for Game of Thrones fans is this mug.

With the amusing ‘All Men Must Poop’ message on it, he will enjoy laughing at this every time he has his morning coffee.

With an ergonomic C handle and fully dishwasher safe, this is one gift he will love.

31. Genuine drinking horn mug

game of thrones gifts for him viking drinking mug
Viking Drinking Horn Mug With Dire Wolf Engraving

With a premium wooden base and made mostly from genuine Ox horn, he will enjoy getting this and using it after getting at home from work to relax with.

Hand-crafted and designed with an ‘eternal’ shape, this is the best Game of Thrones horn mug out there.

32. House of Stark Banner

game of thrones gifts for him house decor
House of Stark Tournament Banner

A great gift for any Game of Thrones fan, this polyester banner with aluminium grommets for easy hanging is amazing.

In the colours of the House of Stark, he can fly this outside his house and show everyone whose side he is on!

33. Lannister Beer Steins

game of thrones gifts for him
Lannister Beer Steins

If he follows the House of Lannister then treat him to their very own beer stein.

22 ounces in size with the motto of ‘Hear Me Roar’ engraved on the front, this will give him something manly to drink his beer out of at the weekend.

He can use Westeros Mead or any of his favourite other drinks!

34. Targaryen House Tournament Banner

game of thrones gifts for him tagaryen tournament banner
House Tagaryen Tournament Banner

If he follows the House of Lannister then this 100% woven polyester banner will be right up his street.

The banner can be hung easily due to its aluminium grommets and the authentic Lannister design will be one he will proudly show on his study wall.

35. House of Stark Beer Steins

game of thrones gifts for him house of stark beer steins
House of Stark Beer Steins

A great Game of Thrones beer gift set, this authentic House of Stark stein will make him feel like he’s in the show each time he drinks from it.

With a pewter lid in the shape of Robert Baratheon’s crown and 22-ounce capacity, this is a great glass to help him enjoy his favourite drink.

36. Glass Mug

game of thrones gifts for him glass mug
Game of Thrones Glass Mug

This would make a great Game of Thrones Christmas gifts and certainly one he will enjoy having his morning brew out of everyday.

The top-standard cut glass design and large 13 once drinking capacity make this a great choice for the fan who likes his coffee too.

37. Longclaw Umbrella

game of thrones gifts for him longclaw umbrella
Longclaw Sword Umbrella

He will love using this the next time he’s travelling to work and it starts raining – not only to keep dry but also to show it off!

A working umbrella in the design of a longclaw sword, the edgy feel and quality materials make this one of the best Game of Thrones gifts.

38. Westeros Pop Up Guide

game of thrones gifts for him westeros pop up guide
Pop Up Guide To Westeros

Inspired by the opening credits of the TV show, this pop-up book is a great idea as a gift for any fan.

Made from high-grade paper and card, the book opens up to show famous landmarks such a Winterfell and King’s Landing in 3D detail.

A must-have for any serious fan!

39. I have to get this Jon Snow Longclaw myself!

game of thrones gifts for him long claw replica
Jon Snow Long Claw 45 inch 4lb 6oz

This fully licensed longclaw sword replica is ideal if he likes to work out and wants to unleash his inner Jon Snow at the same time.

The unsharpened stainless-steel blade has been polished to perfection to give a stunning finish.

40. Wax Seal Coasters

game of thrones gifts for him wax seal coasters
Game Of Thrones Wax Seal Coasters

As Game of Thrones gift ideas go, this is one of the most unique I’ve seen. Measuring 4 inches by 5 inches, each coaster is shaped in the sigil of the various House within the show.

They will give an instant burst of colour and edge to his living room or work desk.

41. Let’s have dinner before watching the show

Game Of Thrones Apron

The multi-purpose design of this apron makes it ideal for the kitchen, yard-sale or workshop. He’ll love wearing this next time he cooks for you to protect his clothes from splashes. The funny message and easy to wear design makes this one of my favourite Game of Thrones gift ideas.

As you can see there are many superb Game of Thrones gifts for him to buy that will make his day and show how much you care. Whatever you pick, you’re sure to choose something he will love!

With the series being so popular, why not share this gift ideas onto a friend and see if she can get her man something as well to make them closer?

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