23 Get Well Gifts for Men That Will Make Them Feel Better

Having trouble looking for get well gifts for men?

There comes a time when even the healthiest of men may fall ill or have an accident resulting in injury.

When this happens, the best way to help him recover and keep his spirits up is with a surprise get well present.Get well gifts for men are easy to find and there are some great ones about as shown below.

Get well gifts for men are easy to find and there are some great ones about as shown below.

1. I think this is one of the best get well gifts for men. Open one this wishing card one a day

get well gifts for men

Kind Notes Get Well Gift Jar

Get well gifts for men after surgery can be hard to think of especially if the hospital he is in won’t allow flowers.

This beautiful gift jar makes the ideal present if so – containing 31 uplifting and touching messages to help him get better, this will cheer him up and stop him getting bored in his hospital bed.

2. Let him kill some time with this activity and puzzle book

get well soon gifts for him

Get Well Soon Puzzle Book For Men

I love presents that test the mind and keep you sharp and this is one of those get well gifts for a man that does just that.

Full of trivia questions, crosswords and sudoku puzzles, this will keep him entertained for hours while he is recovering in bed.

It will also help lift his spirits due to the funny quotes and facts it has in also.

3. This will kill his boredom in the while he is resting

funny get well gifts men
A Funny Book About Horrible Things

This #1 New York Times book from Jenny Lawson is perfect if he is feeling sorry for himself whilst ill.

Full of black humour and pathos, the book examines how she dealt with and overcame severe depression.

Not only will it give him something to read, it will also show him that no matter how bad things look, he will get through it.

4. This is a funny get well gift basket that make his day

get well baskets for him
Man Meds Gift Basket

A get well basket for him could be the thing to help him get better quickly.

The Man Meds basket comes in a galvanised red pail full of manly things such as mints, caramel corn and fruit flavoured gummi-aids.

Once he’s eaten his way through this he will feel great again and not have to suffer hospital food all the time!

5. Let him sleep better with this ergonomic pillow

get well gifts for him
Coop Memory Pillow

This hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant pillow from Coop is one of the best get well gifts for him.

He can add or remove the inside foam from the pillow to ensure he gets it just right for how he likes it.

This would make a fantastic present if he is in hospital or confined to bed at home as it will make sure he can sleep comfortably.

6. For him who really loves chocolate

get well soon gifts for men
Gourmet Chocolate

If it’s a get well soon hamper for him you’re thinking of then why not try this?

All men love chocolate as much as women do and these are some of the most luxurious treats out there.

Coming in a lovely presentation box, the brownies, blondies and whoopees included are out of this world and sure to make him feel better.

7. Get him to color something to kill his time in the hospital

get well gifts for guys

The Farting Animal Fart Book

Funny get well gifts for men can sometimes be the best to get as it can help cheer him up and stop dwelling on his illness.

This colouring book is ideal for that aim – full of pictures of farting animals to colour in, this is a great gift for him.

After all, we all know they’re big kids at heart still!

8. Let him make healthy juice so he won’t get sick again

get well gift for a man

Magic Bullet Blender

One of the healthiest get well gifts for guys is this tremendous blender from Magic Bullet.

The high-torque power base and powerful 600-watt motor easily blends fruit and vegetables up to make a tasty shake or smoothie.

Once he’s had a few of those, he will be fighting fit and ready to go again.

9. If he is getting a hard time to get his feet back

get well gift ideas for men

You Are The Strongest Person I Know

This microwave and dishwasher safe mug from Santa Barbara holds 16 ounces and is easy to grip.

One of the best get well gifts for him if he likes his coffee, this will also mean you have something to take him a drink in bed when he needs one.

The touching message will also warm his heart every time he drinks from it.

10. Get him back on track with this gift basket

get well gift baskets for him
First Aid Gift Box

Get well basket ideas for him can be tricky to think of but this is the perfect gift for the man in your life who is not well.

The hamper comes packaged in a stylish first aid box so will look great in his bedroom and is filled with treats and puzzles to help him feel better.

This is sure to revive his spirits and speed him on the road to recovery.

11. Does he just come out from surgery?

get well gifts for men after surgery

Get Well Basket

A great get well basket for him, this contains lots of handy things especially if he is staying in hospital.

The vase and artificial blue flowers will brighten his bay up while the food and notepad will keep him busy and full.

I love this gift and think it is one of the best you can buy to help your man get better.

12. This willow tree of healing will comfort him

get well gifts men

Willow Tree Of Healing

The Willow Tree range of statues and sculptures are hand crafted to help promote relaxation and harmony.

He will love looking at this when he is recovering or still ill as it will make him feel better and calmer. Standing 5 inches tall, this is a very thoughtful and loving gift.

13. Test his brain power while he is resting

get well soon gifts for guys

Ultimate IQ Test

One of the dangers of being laid up sick is that you are not keeping your mind as active as normal.

This can be especially true after an operation so this book is one of the best get well gifts for men after surgery.

The IQ tests contained will keep his brain ticking over and make sure he has plenty to do when resting up.

14. This gift will help him purifying surrounding air

get well soon gifts for men ideas

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Made from genuine salt crystals mined from the Himalayan mountains, this superb present will keep the air around him pure and speed his recovery up no end.

Continued use when he is better will make sure he stays healthier for longer too.

With a natural wood base and calming amber light, this will not only look good on his bedside table but do him good too.

15. Just in case he is craving for snacks, this will be a great gift for him

get well basket ideas for him

Healthy Care Package

Get well gift ideas for men don’t come much better than this! He will love having something that he can use to snack on when he is hungry and give him energy to fight his illness.

Containing many tasty treats for him in handy individual packets, this is a great present for him.

16. Get this smart digital weight scale to track his health

get well gift ideas for him

Digital Weight Scale

With the ability to synch up to a variety of devices such as FitBit or GoogleFit, this digital scale will allow him to keep track of his health to stop getting ill in the first place or stay fit when he is better.

You can use it by itself also so great if he is not into all the latest tech! It will show him his weight and lots of other important things such as muscles mass and body fat to keep him in tip-top shape.

17. This is a great hamper for him

get well soon hamper for him

Fruit Hamper Gourmet

A superb get well soon hamper for him, this comes loaded with lots of healthy fruit to get all the vitamins he needs for a quick recovery.

With apples, pears and mangos included amongst other fruits, he will be sure to find something he likes to munch on when he is hungry in this hamper.

18. This is a funny gift for him who is recovering with diarrhea

get well presents for guys

52 Things To Do While You Poo

Sometimes funny get well gifts for men make the best present and this certainly hits the mark in that respect!

Giving him trivia to read and puzzles to ponder when he next pays a visit, this book will make him laugh and stop his bathroom time from being boring.

19. Get him to test IQ while he is healing

mens get well gifts

IQ Test Toys

Great get well gifts for guys will give him something to do even if he is laid up in bed and these IQ toys are superb for that.

Coming in a set of 6 fiendish toys, the hours will fly by for him as he sets to working out the answers to them all. By the time he does, he will be ready to get back to normal!

20. This pillow will support his spine, knee, leg, hip and back

get well present for man

Sciatic Nerve Knee Pillow

This contour knee pillow made from special memory foam is ideal if this is the illness that troubles him.

The pillow will help relieve sciatic nerve pain in the back, leg, ankle and knee with regular use. He will be overjoyed to get this as a gift, not only to help ease his pain but also to see how much you care.

21. Improve air quality in his room with this humidifier

get well presents for men

UrPower Humidifier

One of the best get well gifts for a man around, this 5-litre capacity humidifier is so quiet when working you won’t even know it’s on!

Easy to operate, this will keep the room he is recovering in at the perfect humidity and also cool due to the water vapour it emits into the air.

Perfect for helping him sleep and get the conditions in his room how he likes them.

22. He will find this sudoku very useful

get well gift ideas men

Get Well Soon Sudoku

Containing 200 separate Sudoku puzzles in easy, medium and hard levels this book will stop him getting bored and give him something to do when he is getting better. Made from high-quality paper, this one of my favourite get well gift ideas for men.

Made from high-quality paper, this one of my favourite get well gift ideas for men.

23. I think this snack is one of the medicine that will make men get well soon

male get well gifts

Kalahari Biltong Gluten Free

Get well gifts for him like this Kalahari Biltong Beef will always be popular. He can keep this close and have something to snack on when he is hungry and to keep his strength up. The zero sugar and gluten free beef inside is so tasty he’ll be asking for another pack!

If the man in your life has had the misfortune to fall ill or get injured in an accident then help him get better soon with one of these fantastic presents.

Get well gifts for men are the perfect way to show how much you care and speed him on the road to recovery. Share this with your friends and make sure they know what to buy if the situation arises!

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