Suggest a Gift And Earn Money

Do you stumble on any gift ideas that you think is a great gift for guys? Show us what you found and get paid for it. I am serious!

We will give out $10 cash for each gift if your gift suggestion is featured in Gotta Get This For Him.

All you need to do is point us a link to the product.

Your gift ideas suggestion can be :

  • DIY Gifts (If you have tutorial in your blog, send us a link)
  • Gadget
  • Quirky Gifts
  • Funny Gifts
  • Grooming Gifts
  • Basically, anything that you think is a great gift for guys. A box of sexy panties? (oh god, where am I getting into)

Business Owner

If you are a business owner and selling products that you think guys will love it, send us your product for review. We might feature your product if we find your product is awesome!

Not just that, we also awarding featured products on our homepage as top gift of the month if we really really like your stuff!

Contact us here at to have a chat about your product.