26 Best Gifts For 60 Year Old Man in 2022 That They Will Find Useful

Getting gifts for 60 year old man can be challenging.

When the man in your life is turning 60 it is a big occasion that you naturally want to make as special as you can for him.

Getting to that stage in life is a great achievement and one that should be enjoyed as much as possible.

Not sure what to give a man for his 60th birthday? Gifts for 60-year-old man needn’t be boring or hard to find as we have round up the best present you can get for him in this post.

1. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug

This is a great gifts for 60 year old man. Watch this smart mug that controls temperature.

A superb birthday present for a 60-year-old man is this temperature control mug from Ember.

The innovative technology in the mug will keep his tea or coffee at just the right temperature so he always enjoys the perfect drink.

With no complicated instructions, he just turns the dial at the bottom of the mug to the desired number and the mug does the rest!

2. Travel Book

gifts for 60 year old man
Book Of Everything

Is he planning to travel around the world?

Birthday gifts for 60 year old man don’t come better than this if he is someone who likes to travel.

This will come in very handy if he has a few trips abroad lined up or is thinking of planning some for the future.

With essential and fun information on many countries around the globe, this is a great present.

3. Funny Wine Caddy Gift

gag gifts for 60 year old man
Wine Monkey Socks Caddy

Get him a wine and cover up with this funny wine caddy

One of the more light-hearted 60th birthday gifts ideas for Dad, this is ideal if he likes his wine.

He will love being able to use this to take a bottle to a friend party and add some flair to the occasion.

Made from an authentic American red-heeled sock and with a funny Monkey design, this is one of the best funny gifts for 60-year-old man.

4. 60 Years Old Man Birthday T-Shirt Gift

60 years old gift tshirt

Funny 60 Years Old T-Shirt

Let him had a great laugh celebrating his birthday with this t-shirt. I am pretty sure it is going to put a smile on his face.

5. Smart Wake Up Light

Philips Wake Up Light

This wake up light is going to wake him up in a natural way.

This makes a fantastic present for a 60 year old man if he has trouble sleeping or waking up.

The stylish yet natural light will help him drift off with a relaxing sunset effect and then gradually wake him up in the mornings with a choice of 5 calming wake up sounds.

6. Portable Collapsible Cup

60th birthday gift ideas for men
Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

He can bring this collapsible mug everywhere for his favourite drinks

If he enjoys hiking or getting out and about, then this is one of the best gifts for 60 year old man.

The portable and collapsible cup means he will always have something to drink out of without taking up too much room in his backpack.

7. Electric Folding Scooter

60th birthday ideas for dad
Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

Get this for your dad so he can stroll around the city easily.

I love gifts ideas for 60 year old man that are useful or help solve a problem turning 60 may bring.

This scooter is a case in point – if he is finding it a bit harder to get around these days then this scooter will give him the assistance he needs.

With a 20-mile range and 15mph top speed, he will love getting his independence back whizzing around in this!

8. Sleep Machine

60th birthday gifts for dad
Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Machine

This is one of the best gadget to make him fall asleep easily

This makes a fabulous gift if he has trouble sleeping at nights.

The quiet yet efficient machine plays a seamless loop of 6 soothing nature sounds to help encourage sleep.

With its energy saving design and stylish look, this will mean he never has to take sleeping pills to get his rest again.

9. Prompt Book

60th birthday gift ideas for dad
What I Love About Dad

Tell your dad what you love about him

One of the sweetest 60th birthday gifts ideas for Dad is this lovely journal.

Coming with numerous blank pages to fill in, prompts are also included so you know what to say if you get stuck.

He will love getting this and seeing all the things you have written down that show how much you care.

10. Air Purifier

60th birthday gifts for him
Dyson Air Purifier

This air purifier can be a cool and hot fan

As 60th birthday gift ideas for men go, this air purifier is one he will be thrilled with.

Its innovative 3 in 1 design means that as well as purifying the air in his house, it can also be used as a fan or heater too.

The HEPA filter included removes 99.97% of all allergens in his home to keep him healthy and safe in his old age.

11. Keychain Pill Holder

60th birthday presents for dad
Cielo Keychain Pill Holder

He will never forget to take his pills along with him again

Easy to open for older hands and 100% waterproof, this pill holder on a keychain will mean he never misplaces his medicine again.

The stylish design and classic look will make it something that he will want to wear but which will also be very useful to him.

12. Smart Indoor Planter

gift ideas for 60 year old man
Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden

Let him grow an indoor herb

What to get a 60-year-old man birthday is a question a lot of us ask as they already have so much.

If he enjoys gardening or cooking with herbs but has no garden space to grow them, this is the gift for him.

This all year round, self-watering indoor garden can sit on his windowsill and give him all the herbs he needs.

13. Outdoor Cooler Table

gifts for a 60 year old man
Rattan Outdoor Cooler Table

I think this is a great gift for him to enjoy his drink with his friends in the backyard.

As birthday gifts for 60-year-old man go, this cooler table is fantastic!

The 7.5-gallon cooler will keep all his drinks cold for hours and the cocktail table above gives him something to rest his drink on when needed.

The stylish rattan effect will make it something he will love to show off to his friends at the next BBQ he has.

14. Wireless Showerhead With Speaker

birthday gift for 60 year old man

Showerhead With Wireless Speaker

This shower head comes with wireless speaker is awesome.

If it’s Christmas gift ideas for 60 year old man you’re after then what about this funky showerhead?

Not only does it give a powerful, rain effect flow to enhance his shower experience but it has a wireless speaker built in also.

He will love being able to safely listen to music when showering and total unwind.

15. Funny Pizza Cutter

presents for 60 year old man
Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

Looking for funny gifts for him?

One of the classic funny gifts for 60 year old man is this pizza cutter in the shape of a circular saw.

Ideal if he is likes a joke or used to be a builder, this will make sure he cuts the perfect slice of pizza every time. Easy to use and clean, this is a great gift for him.

16. Wireless Backyard Rock Speaker

 birthday present for 60 year old man
Wireless Bluetooth Rock Speaker

Looking for hidden speaker for his backyard?

If the man you’re buying for likes to spend time chilling in the garden but would like to enjoy his music out there, then this speaker is for him.

With a rock design, it will blend into his current garden set-up and provide hours of entertainment.

17. Watch

best gift for 60 year old man
MVMT Watch

Get him this beautiful watch

This beautiful watch would make a special present for a 60-year-old man and look great on his wrist.

With its brown leather strap and classic design, he will love wearing this and showing his friends what a thoughtful daughter he has.

18. Smart Scale

presents for a 60 year old man
Yunmai Digital Weight Scale

This smart scale can measure his body fat, BMI, bone mass and more.

Keeping in shape is even more important as you grow older so help him do that with these digital scales.

As well as measuring his weight, they will tell him things like his bone mass and body fat too.

Although it can be synched to a smartphone, you can use by itself so is fine if he is not into his technology.

19. Premium Jerky

gifts for 60 year old male

Who can resist Jerky?

This is a great idea for the food loving man and one that will keep him full up and always with a snack to hand.

The monthly service will deliver jerky to his door so he will always have some and won’t even need to go out of his house to get it.

20. Curved TV

presents for 60 year old male
Samsung Curved Television

How about getting him a curved TV?

Gifts ideas for 60-year-old man don’t come much better than this!

This 55-inch, ultra HD LED TV will give him a crystal-clear picture and amazing sound when he is watching his favourite sport or TV show.

With built in Wi-Fi and Smart Functionality, he will be overjoyed if you get him this.

21. Picnic Cocktail Gift Set

gift ideas for a 60 year old man
Picnic Time Cocktail Kit

Does he love making cocktail?

A wonderful birthday present for 60-year-old man if he enjoys a tipple, this picnic set is truly charming.

The Manhattan leatherette case looks so classy and it is light yet easy to carry around.

With two martini glasses included and space for two bottles of spirits, he will love getting out in the sun and enjoying a drink with this.

22. Retro Radio

gifts for 60 year old man birthday
Tivoli Audio

Listen to his favourite radio station and music with this radio.

This stylish AM/FM Bluetooth radio is a great gift if he likes his music but doesn’t want to always be stuck in the house listening to it.

The wireless technology means he can take it out to the garden or patio and relax for the afternoon while enjoying his favourite radio shows.

23. Barbecue Grill

birthday gifts for 60 year old male
Char-Griller Barbecue Grill

Let him cook his favourite meat with this grill

60th birthday gift ideas for men don’t come more macho than this and he will love being in charge and cooking everyone their perfect burger or steak.

With an insulated design for less charcoal use and more airflow for juicier meat, the Char-Griller is a top gift.

24. Hanging Lounger

birthday gifts for a 60 year old man
Hanging Chaise Lounger

Not going to wait for my birthday anymore, gonna get this for myself!

It’s only natural that he will probably want to rest more as he turns 60 and this hanging chaise lounger will let him do just that.

The weather-proof, heavy-duty frame and soft cushions will help him relax safely yet in comfort when using it.

25. Beer System

Fizzics Beer System

This makes cheap beer taste like premium beer.

If he enjoys a pint of beer but doesn’t get to the pub as often now, treat him to this and bring the pub to him.

The Fizzics beer system will work with most shop brought beers to make it taste like it’s just been poured from draught.

If you’re trying to think of Christmas gift ideas for 60-year-old man then this will delight him.

26. Electric Heated Jacket

birthday gift ideas for 60 year old man
Electric Jacket Warmer

Get him an electric heated jacket if he is always feeling cold

If he is feeling the cold a little more now he grows older then why not keep him warm with this gift?

The jacket is made from 100% polyester and has three heating zones contained to keep him toasty.

With the ability to adjust how hot the jacket gets and a 6-hour heated runtime, this is practical yet touching gift as it shows you’re thinking of his well-being.

There are so many great gifts for 60-year-old man that it is hard to choose just one! Any of the presents on our list would make an ideal gift and really make his day a special one.

If you have any friends that have husbands, Dads or brother turning 60 then pass this on so they can do the same.

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