25 Romantic Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Make Him Sob

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Looking for romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend?

Every woman wants to buy something magical for their partner on his special day but it can sometimes be hard to find romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend.

It really is worth taking the time to think about romantic birthday ideas for him though as buying something that is unique will show just how much you love him.

1. Note Cube : One of the best romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

The Note Cube

I love this particular present as it really shows how much he means to you and is one of the most romantic gifts for him you can get! The notecube is a stylish keepsake box that is filled with your own personal message of love to pass onto your boyfriend. Give him this and he will always be able to take you with him wherever he goes, from the gym to a business trip.

2. Write romantic letter for him with this present

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

Letters To My Love

One of the most romantic birthday ideas for him I’ve seen recently, ‘Letters to my Love’ is a superb idea. Coming as a book of 12-fold and mail letters, this gift allows you to write each of the 12 letters out and give to your man to open in the future on various dates. Trust me, if you give him this he will see just how much you love him and how amazing your relationship is.

3. You should let him know he is the best boyfriend ever with this t-shirt

romantic gifts for him

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

After being together a few years, it can be hard to continually come up with new romantic birthday ideas for men. With the ‘Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt’ though this problem is eliminated! He will love this gift as it is stylish and he will look great wearing it the next time you go to see friends or have a barbeque.

4. Tell him why you love him with this book

romantic gift for boyfriend

Why I Love You: A Journal Of Us

If you’re after one of the best romantic gifts for him, then look no further. What I love most about this journal is that you can fill it in to give to your boyfriend on his special day or fill it in together after. He will love writing in it as a couple and it will make you closer than ever.

5. Why not print out a picture of both of you?

romantic gift ideas for him

Romantic Picture Frame

What better way to show how happy you are together and how much you love him then a picture of you both? Romantic birthday gifts for men can sometimes be as simple as this – he will love the fact you have thought about the gift as well as always having you close on his desk or wall.

6. Got some time to do some DIY for him?

romantic DIY gifts for boyfriend

A Beautiful Mess

This is an ingenious idea – all you need is a mug, a permanent marker and a nice box to wrap it up in. Simply think of a funny and romantic message to write on the mug, use the marker to do it and then wrap up ready for his birthday. Never again will he have to search for his cup when he wants a drink and he will enjoy using this at home or in the office.

7. This gift will definitely melt his heart

romantic gifts for men

What I Love About You By Me

This beautiful journal is the perfect way to express your feelings especially if you find it hard to say in person. He will love being able to read your thoughts on what you like best about him, whether in your company or when in his private study. The journal itself is stylish and well-made so will look amazing on his bookshelf.

8. Does he play guitar?

romantic birthday gifts for him

Romantic Guitar Pick

Is your man a rock and roll type of guy who enjoys letting rip on his guitar? If so this is one of the most romantic birthday ideas for him. Coming hand-stamped with the message ‘I’d Pick You’, he will love using this to play his favourite tunes. Who knows he might even use it to serenade you to say thanks?!

9. This book will tell him how much you miss him everytime he is away

romantic gift ideas for boyfriend


Me Without You

Coming from famous illustrators Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, this book contains numerous cute and romantic pictures of situations that are incomplete without two people. A unique and charming gift, your boyfriend will love delving into this to remind him just how much he needs you.

10. It is a jar full of love

romantic birthday gifts for men

Romantic Kind Notes

As romantic gifts for boyfriend goes, this is a real classic. The jar itself is glass and comes filled to the brim with 31 romantic messages for him. With themes such as ‘I’ll always be here for you when you need me’, this is a truly special and personal gift he will be delighted with.

11. I really love this “Open When” envelope!

romantic DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend

LDR 13

A superb idea, this is one of the most romantic gifts for him. The basic premise is that you write a letter relating to a specific situation and then seal it in an envelope to be opened at a later date. I know from experience that he will love this and will always be able to have your support when he most needs it, even if he is far away.

12. Is your boyfriend loves adventure? This will guide him home

romantic birthday gift ideas for him

Romantic Pocket Compass

This hand-crafted, pewter pocket compass is a great gift for the more adventurous boyfriend. Produced in Rhode Island, it comes in a luxurious carry case also. If you give him this, he will never get lost again and always have you close when he is out enjoying the great outdoors.

13. Looking for couple necklace?

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend ring

Couple Engraved Necklace

One of the more romantic birthday ideas for him, these his and hers engraved double ring pendant necklaces will leave him speechless. Stunning in their beauty, he will really appreciate the heartfelt message this sends. Engraved with the message ‘I will always be with you’, this will allow him to carry you with him wherever he goes.

14. A trip to an adult store

romantic DIY birthday gifts for men

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Just because we’re talking about romance, doesn’t mean it can’t be raunchy! Indeed, some men may prefer a gift that isn’t too mushy and this is perfect if so. Take your man along with you to an adult store and let his imagination run wild as you pick out some things to play with together. Trust me, if you do, this will be a birthday you will both remember for a long time!

15. I have to categorize this gift in “sweetness overload”

sweet romantic DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend


At the other end of the scale we have this gift from Weddbook. Containing lots of paper kisses with romantic messages on the reverse, this is the ideal gift for your boyfriend if he likes the sweeter side of being together. With notes thanking him for being so sweet and telling him how much you love him, he will enjoy seeing how much he means to you.

16. Both of you is going to have a lot of fun tonight!

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend truth or dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

This is one of the naughtier romantic birthday ideas for men and I think it’s great. He will love getting something a little different from you and being able to play it together on passion-filled nights. Containing 50 wooden sticks with a naughty dare on one side and saucy truth on the other, you will have just as much fun playing this as he does!

17. This beautiful light is going to light up his love towards you

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend ambient light

Mamre Moon Ambient Light

This is a great gift for your boyfriend if you are looking for something a little different. This lamp offers a warm, relaxing light that he will love being able to use it to snuggle up together under or light up his study.

18. Surprise him a pair of ticket to his favourite music event

romantic birthday gifts ideas for him

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Buying a ticket to his favourite concert or festival is one of the most romantic birthday ideas for him. Whether it’s a classical show or an evening rocking out in the mosh pit, he will really appreciate this and being able to get out and let his hair down for the night.

19. This box is going to be fun

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend kisses of box

Kisses For Us

This fun and flirty gift is perfect for couples to play together and have fun. It will bring you closer and he will love that it is something enjoyable to do. The gift itself is a box containing information and instructions on how to do 30 different kisses. Sure to bring a smile to his face, this is one present he will love playing with.

20. I think this sweet gift is pretty easy to make

romantic DIY birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Ideas Stand

Romantic gifts for him don’t come much sweeter than this. A great idea for his birthday is to get a lovely looking container and fill it with his favourite sweets. Not only does it show how well you know him, he will love being able to carry it around and snack on when hungry!

21. Go back to an old school activities like roller skate, arcade or go back where you first met

romantic birthday gifts ideas for men

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Buying romantic birthday gifts for men doesn’t always have to involve lots of money or something overly sugary. A great idea is to go back to something you used to love doing or to where you first met. He will love doing something fun with you as well as all the old memories it brings back.

22. He is going to love this cute mug

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend otter mug

Cute Otter Mug

With the message ‘You Are My Otter Half’, this 12-ounce mug is an ideal gift for your man. He will love using this to drink from and be reminded of how much he means to you when he does. Made from high-quality porcelain, it comes in its own bag for safety and protection.

23. He is going to keep this gift for a long time

romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend tagua nut

Engraved Tagua Nut

Coming from the Tagua Palm Tree that grows on the Pacific coast of South America, this nut is an unusual but personal way to say how special your boyfriend is to you. With the simple message of ‘I Love You’ engraved on it, your man will be able to keep this on his desk or bedside table to remind him of your feelings.

24. Is your boyfriend a beer lover?

romantic DIY birthday gifts ideas for him

Make The Best Of Everything

If your man loves beer, this is one of the most romantic birthday ideas for him I’ve seen. Simply get 6 bottles of his favourite beer and then create personal labels to stick on them and tell him your innermost thoughts. Not only will he love enjoying the beer after a long day at work but being able to read the label as he does will bring home how much he means to you.

25. How about going for a short weekend trip?

romantic birthday gifts for him travel

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As romantic gifts for him go, this is my personal favourite. What better way to show him how loved he is than a trip away to a romantic destination like Rome or Paris? Not only will he appreciate the idea itself, he will also love seeing new sights and trying new food together with you.

Your boyfriend’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to show him how much you care and exactly what he means to you. Any of the romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend on this list will do just that and make him love you even more in return.  Share with your friends and let’s make sure all boyfriends get the gift they deserve this birthday!

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