20 Sweet Sentimental Gifts For Men That Will Make Him Cry

Things get tricky when you are looking fro sentimental gifts for men.

If you have a birthday coming up for the man in your life then why not treat him to something a bit different this year?

Sentimental gifts for men make great presents as it shows how much you care about and treasure them. If you get him something like this, he will be thrilled at how much it shows you love him.

1. This sentimental gifts for men is going to make him cry. Tell him what you love about him with this journal

What I Love About You

As sentimental birthday gifts for him go, this is a real classic. Coming in a hard-wearing cover, it also has a lidded box to put the journal in and wrap up when completed.

He’ll love being able to read through this at his leisure and see all the things you like best about him.

2. A before and after picture of your dad and you with the same pose

sentimental gifts for dad
Credit Get a frame like this one here

Sentimental gifts for him don’t always have to be too mushy and this is a good example.

Perfect for your Dad, this will make him laugh and also bring back fantastic memories of when you were all younger.

The idea is to recreate an old family photo from years ago in the same pose.

The fun you will all have doing this and seeing the difference between the two photos will almost be as much as he has putting this in a nice frame on his desk.

3. Start an everyday Q&A journal and get nostalgic later

sentimental gifts for men
3 Year Q&A Journal

This lovely journal would make a great gift for your husband or boyfriend.

The stylish book comes with enough pages for 3 years and questions on each page for you both to jot down an answer.

He will love being able to look back at this in years to come and see how your relationship has developed.

Sentimental gifts for guys don’t come better than this!

4. Let your dad know he is the best with this personalize gift

sentimental gifts for father
Custom Engraved Baseball Bat

Sentimental gifts ideas for men can be hard to find but this engraved baseball bat is a must, especially if he loves his sport.

Ideal for Dads, I love the quality ash wood it’s made from and the fact you can choose your own message to have engraved on it.

Buy him this and he will love putting it on display to show everyone how close you are.

5. Your boyfriend is going to love this custom engrave ring

sentimental gifts for boyfriend
Spinner Engraved Ring

I love sentimental gifts for husband like this one. He will love it too as he can wear it not only to look good but to keep you close to him.

The quality 8mm black stainless-steel ring can be personalised with its own message too and make it extra special.

6. This is the sweetest LED light he will ever receive

sentimental gifts for him
Gift Garden LED Light

An ideal sentimental present for boyfriend, this touching LED light has a red rose base decoration and lovely message etched onto its glass.

The LED light illuminates this message wen switched on for maximum impact.

An excellent gift for his special day, he will love looking at this and being reminded how happy you both are.

7. This award is a confirmation for him as a best boyfriend

sentimental christmas gifts for boyfriend
Best Boyfriend Trophy Award

Not only can sentimental gifts for boyfriend be romantic then can be fun too.

This trophy shows how good a boyfriend he is and he will love feeling like a Hollywood actor getting an Oscar too.

The 6-inch trophy will make him laugh also and make his friends jealous that he has one!

8. Remember to tell him only open one of this letter per month

sentimental gifts for him that make him cry
Letter To My Love

Nothing is more romantic than a hand-written love letter.

These 12-fold and mail letters can be filled in and sealed up so he can read your innermost thoughts even if he is far away.

The letters have prompts also so you don’t have to waste time thinking of what to write.

Ideal for long-distance relationships, he will always be able to have you with him wherever he is.

9. Get him this beautiful couple necklace

sentimental christmas gifts for him
Feraco Couple Necklace

These matching titanium, stainless steel necklaces come in a luxurious gift box.

A great sentimental gifts ideas for men, he will love having something stylish to wear and show off to friends.

With their top-quality, hand polished design this is a gift you can enjoy as much as him!

10. He will find this gift so sweet. Watch this video to find out what this gift is about


A beautiful and thoughtful sentimental birthday gifts for him, the Notecube is one of the most romantic presents on this list.

The premise is that you select the qualities you like best about him and personal notes are created for you and packaged in a fabulous box.

You can then give him the box as his present and watch his face light up as he reads them.

Not only will he love being able to read how special he is too you, he can also take them away on business too for those lonely night away.

11. I think you can include photo, tickets to an event that both of you went together or sweet notes in this scrapbook

romantic sentimental gifts for him
Our Adventure Book

This stylish book comes with 40 pages of quality paper for you to record all your adventures as a couple in or use as a scrapbook of your relationship.

You can write in the pages or stick pictures in as required which makes it a versatile gift.

I love sentimental gifts for guys and he will too as he looks back through this book when you are both old and remember all the fun you had.

12. He is going to love this cute mug

funny sentimental gifts for men
You Are My Significant Otter

This high-quality, 11 or 15-ounce ceramic mug is the perfect gift for the man who enjoys his tea of coffee.

As sentimental gifts for him go, this is a real winner! With its cute picture of an otter on the front and the touching message, he will love using this for his morning drink.

13. Let him keep this tagua nut

sentimental gift for guys
Engraved Tagua Nut

This Tagua nut is one of the best sentimental gifts for husband and he will enjoy getting something unusual that he can put on his desk or bedside table.

Grown in the Ecuadorian rainforest, this nut comes in its own display box and with a heartfelt message carved on it.

14. Your husband is going to keep this in his wallet as a reminder

sentimental gifts for husband
Personalized Aluminium Wallet Love Note

An ideal sentimental present for boyfriend, this love note insert is made from high-grade aluminium and is the size of a credit card so will slot perfectly into his wallet.

Wherever he goes he will have this with him and smile as he is reminded of you. I also love the fact you can have a message laser-engraved onto it so make sure you tell him how you feel with this.

15. Tell him why you love him

sentimental present for boyfriend
Why I Love You : A Journal Of Us

A really fun gift, this journal can either be completed and given to your man on his birthday or you can give it him blank to fill out together later.

Coming with lots of blank pages with prompts on for what to write, this is a great gift for him as it will give him something to read when he is relaxing at night.

16. This is the best compass he will ever receive

sentimental gift ideas for men
My Heart Will Guide You Home Pocket Compass

One of the best sentimental gifts for boyfriend, this lovely compass is the perfect gift if you live apart or he travels a lot with work.

He will love being able to have this with him and think of you as well as it being a practical gift he can use.

Made from fine pewter and coming in a velveteen pouch, this is a great present.

17. This is a great gift for him who play guitar

sentimental gift ideas for him
I Pick You

If your husband or boyfriend plays guitar and likes to rock out then this is the present for him.

Next time he is playing a gig or practicing he will be able to use this and wow the crowds.

Engraved with the touching message of ‘I Pick You’, this is a present he can use for years to come.

18. Something touching for your dad

sentimental gift ideas for father
Thank You Dad Engraved Hammer

A very useful sentimental gift ideas for men, this hammer will melt your Dads heart.

Show him how much you value his support over the years with the ‘Thank You For Helping My Build My Life’ message carved into the handle.

He will love seeing how much you think of him as well as being able to use it on his next DIY project.

19. Get a personalize mug for him

sentimental gift ideas for boyfriend
Gold Color Personalize Mug

This dishwasher safe, trendy gold mug is one of the most perfect sentimental gifts for him.

You can have your names and marriage date on the front with the romantic ‘Love’ message which makes it extra special.

Get him this and he will be blown away every time he has a coffee and sees how much he means to you.

20. Get this awesome t-shirt for him

sentimental present ideas for boyfriend
Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

A great sentimental present for boyfriend, this T-Shirt will not only make him look good but he will enjoy wearing it to show off to his friends.

Coming in a range of colours and sizes, he will never be short of something to wear again.

Very often when we are buying for the men in our life, we end up getting the same old boring presents.

Do something different this year and pick him up something that is romantic and unique.

Sentimental gifts for men don’t have to be dull so tell your friends and let’s spice things up a bit for all the men out there!

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