101 Awesome Small Gifts for Boyfriend (Infographic)

Still looking for small gifts for boyfriend?

As the below infographic shows, there are lots of small gifts for boyfriend you can give to show how much you love him.

From his favourite cologne to a flashlight or pizza cutter, he will truly appreciate getting a magical gift to show you care even if it’s not his birthday or Christmas.

Why not have a look at the fabulous ideas shown below and give him something special today?

small gifts for boyfriend

There’s so many fantastic ways to make your boyfriends day and show how much you care – best of all it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult either!

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26 More Suggestions of small gifts for boyfriend that is not listed in the infographic above

Even though the infographic shown above has loads of great ideas for treating your boyfriend, there are some we couldn’t fit on that would still make superb gifts.

Listed below are 26 more small gifts for boyfriend to give him that will show how much he means to you:

 1. This cute mug is going to make him smile

small gift ideas for boyfriend

You Are My Significant Otter

This original design, hand printed mug from the USA is one of the best small and cute gifts for boyfriend around.

Featuring a comfortable handle, the touching message will show him how much you care for him and make him smile every time he has his morning coffee.

2. What’s inside this bear?

small unusual gifts for boyfriend
4D Gummi Skeleton Anatomy

Small unique gift ideas for boyfriend don’t come better than this 4D gummi skeleton bear.

Not only will he love eating the tasty sweets, it will also show him the anatomy of the little bear as he does.

It’s not often you find something that is delicious, fun and educational all in one package.

3. He is going to love this sweet puzzle

best small gift for boyfriend

Me & You Puzzle

Laser-cut and made from sustainable wood, these two jigsaw pieces have ‘Me’ carved on one and then ‘You’ on the other.

When you fit them together they sum up how close you and your boyfriend are and make a great keepsake for the future.

One of the best small romantic gifts for boyfriend, he will be touched by this loving and thoughtful gift.

4. He is going to love this retro style radio

small creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Retro Tabletop Radio

This is a great small gift for him if he likes listening to music or the radio. He’ll love using this to blast out his favourite tunes so you can enjoy them together.

With treble and bass controls, it also allows an external audio device to be connected if you don’t want to listen to the radio.

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I think this could be a great add-on with alongside with your gift for him. He will definitely love that cheeky love coupon.

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5. This cheeky guitar pick

small presents for boyfriends

I’d Pick You Every Time

This is the best small gift for boyfriend if he plays guitar and loves to rock out.

Next time he is at band practice or a gig, he will have this to hand to play his instrument with and also show people how much you care.

Made from premium stainless steel, this is one gift that hits the right note.

6. Let him make espresso anywhere he go

small creative gifts for boyfriend
Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

With it’s cool, modern design and easy to us controls, this portable expresso maker means he can enjoy an expresso wherever he goes.

Completely hand operated and with no need for batteries or electrical power, this is one of the bets small Christmas gifts for boyfriend you can get.

7. Let him keep this sweet collar stay

small christmas gifts for boyfriend

Stainless Steel Collar Stay

Designed from super-durable stainless steel, these collar stays are a great small present if he likes to look dapper and wear a shirt.

With ‘Love You’ on one stay and ‘Always’ on the other, this would make a great small present for boyfriend birthday if he likes to look neat and tidy.

8. No more to messy cable with this gadget

small gifts to give your boyfriend
Bluelounge Cableyoyo

There’s nothing worse than going to use your earphone buds and finding them all messy and tangled up.

Help your boyfriend solve this problem with the cableyoyo from Bluelounge. Never again will he have to waste time untangling his earphone buds before he can use them.

Made from soft silicone and with a magnetic centre, this is a great small present for boyfriend.

9. Let’s have a laugh at this one

funny small gifts for boyfriend

I Didn’t Fart Mug

One of the best funny small gifts for boyfriend is this mug. With it’s amusing message, he will like the fact you have a sense of humour and can laugh at the same things as him.

Made from top-class ceramic and 11 ounces in size, this will make him smile for years to come.

10. This is a sound machine to make him sleep better at night

small presents for my boyfriend
LectroFan Micro Sound Machine

I love this present and so will your boyfriend especially if he has trouble drifting off to sleep.

The sound machine has ten unique sounds to help him get off at nights and a swivel design so he can point it just where it needs to project too.

Small creative birthday gifts for boyfriend like this are a great choice to show how much you love him.

11. Let him bring this keychain everywhere he go

small birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Sweet Leather Keychain

If it’s small romantic gifts for boyfriend you need then look no further.

This sweet key chain has the message ‘I Love You To The Moon and Back’ printed on and his heart will melt at seeing how much he means to you.

He will also love having something to keep his keys safe and sound on too.

12. Hate to walk over and turn off the light? Now you can turn it off with phone using this plug

useful small gifts for boyfriend
Wemo Wifi Smart Plug

Small unique gift ideas for boyfriend don’t come more cool or cutting edge than this.

If he loves his gadgets, he’ll love using this smart plug to control the lights in your house or his room.

Never again will he have to get up to switch the light off manually as once this is plugged in, it can be done at the touch of a button through the app on his phone.

13. Let him keep this in his room as a reminder

small gifts for boyfriend birthday

Kathy Box Sign

Designed to stand freely on its own or hang on a wall, this wooden box sign is among the nicest best small gift for boyfriend.

The message on it tells him exactly how special he is to you and he will love looking at this in his office or home to remind him every day.

14. Does he have Amazon Alexa?

small and cute gifts for boyfriend

BFF For Alexa

Does your boyfriend have the Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa? If so he will love this funky BFF protector stand for it in the shape of an owl.

Not only does it look great but will also keep his Amazon Echo safe from being knocked over or damaged. A fine example of small creative birthday gifts for boyfriend.

15. You what?

small gifts for my boyfriend

Next Stone Lettering Keychain

This funny key chain is definately a good choice if your boyfriend is a joker and is one of the best funny small gifts for boyfriend to buy.

Pendant size and weighing in about 15 grams, the rather outrageous message will be sure to make him laugh.

16. This Gucci cologne smells great!

small present for boyfriend

Gucci Guilty

Recommended for casual wear, this cologne from the famous Gucci fashion house smells great. He will love wearing this out with you or his friends and feeling a million dollars.

Coming in a 3-ounce bottle, this really is one of my favourite small and cute gifts for boyfriend.

17. Tagua nut can be romantic too

small present ideas for boyfriend

Engraved Tagua Nut

The Tagua nut is grown in the Ecuadorian rainforest and measures about 50mm across.

Coming in its own presentation box, the heart-warming message of ‘I Love You’ engraved on it simply tells him how you feel.

He will love knowing this and feeling secure in your relationship together.

18. One for you and one for him

small unique gift ideas for boyfriend

I Love You Couple Keychain

A lovely example of small romantic gifts for boyfriend, this couples key chain comes in two halves so you can keep one each.

Each half says ‘I Love You’ on it and when fitted together they make a whole heart shape.

Silver in colour, this is a present he will enjoy getting and using to keep his keys safe.

19. You got to see this windproof lighter in action

Tesla Coil Lighter

Now this is one of the coolest gifts for him on here! Fully USB chargeable, this lighter is safe to use and flames at the flick of a button.

Not only that but it will around 300 uses before it needs charging again!

If you boyfriend smokes or uses a lighter for making fires then this is a useful and handy present for him to have.

20. Something naughty for both of you

small gifts to get your boyfriend

Naughty Dice Game

This would make a brilliant small present for boyfriend birthday if he likes to spice things up a bit in the bedroom!

The two dice have various instructions on of things to do to each other and where on the body to do them so you can have hours of fun playing about with them together.

21. Get a hair product that he always use


Hanz De Fuko

Totally organic and paraben free, this amazing hair gel from Hanz De Fuko will give his hair instant texture with zero shine.

Especially good if he has oily hair, this will allow him to style it still without making it look more greasy.

Small Christmas gifts for boyfriend don’t come better than this.

22. Let this compass guide him home

small cute gift ideas for boyfriend

My Heart Will Guide You Home

One of the best small unique gift ideas for boyfriend is this compact compass. Ideal if you have a long-distance relationship, this will be something he can keep with him to remind him of you.

Made from fine pewter and coming in a velveteen pouch, this is a great gift.

23. Does he keep a goatee? This tool will help him keep in shape

small present ideas for boyfriend on christmas

Goatee Shaping Template

If he has a beard but likes to keep it tidy then this is the ideal present to give.

The template is fully adjustable so he can find the goatee shape he wants and then use it with his razor to achieve the desired effect.

One of my favourite small and cute gifts for boyfriend, this will be something he will love using regularly.

24. This necklace is such a beauty

small romantic gift for boyfriend

Engraved Couple Necklace

This engraved couples necklace is one of the best small romantic gifts for boyfriend and will allow him to carry a piece of you wherever he goes.

With masculine black gold plating for his ring and feminine rose gold for hers, this will be something he will enjoy wearing and showing off to his friends.

25. Get him a nice beard oil

small present for boyfriend birthday

Prophet Beard Oil

This awesome kit is perfect if your boyfriend has a beard or is just growing one.

The kit has a 10-ounce bottle of premium, unscented beard oil in as well as a wooden beard groomer and beard care instructions.

This is the right present if he likes to look good and keep his facial hair in tip-top condition.

26. This is not a normal money clip

small creative gift ideas for boyfriend

Gerber Money Clip With Knife

Small creative birthday gifts for boyfriend don’t come much cooler than this money clip. Not only does it look fantastic for him to carry around, it will also keep all his credit cards safe rather than them being loose in his pocket.

The knife included is the icing on the cake and will make it something he loves to use.

Picking up a small gift for your boyfriend needn’t be a hassle or headache. There are so many fabulous presents to choose from as we have shown that you are bound to find something he loves.

Small gifts for boyfriend are the best way to make him feel special whether it’s Christmas, his birthday or not.

Share this with your friends and show them how to make their boyfriend feel amazing!

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