20 Unique gifts for car lovers That He Will Find Useful

Unique gifts for car lovers that I have listed on this page is awesome.

To most men, their car is their pride and joy. Many will spend numerous happy hours polishing and tinkering with it to get it just how they like it.

If the man in your life falls into this category then buying him a gift that is car related is a great idea. Unique gifts for car lovers can be hard to think of so let us help you out with these fantastic ideas.

Unique gifts for car lovers can be hard to think of so let us help you out with these fantastic ideas.

1. This is probably one of a unique gift for car lovers. Watch this video on how it works

Navdy Heads Up Display

This augmented reality system is a great car present for him.

Not only is it useful but it will also help keep him safe when driving.

The system projects a heads-up display onto the windscreen that is clear even in bright sunshine.

He can use it to answer calls, pull up maps or play music hands free so he never gets lost again.

2. This is one of the best unique gifts for car lovers

unique gifts for car lovers
Tyre Coffee Tea Mug

Cool car gifts don’t come better than this stainless-steel tyre coffee mug.

The unique design looks like a pile of stacked up tyres and is sure to appeal to the car loving man.

He will enjoy taking this into work to show his colleagues and smiling when having his morning drink from it.

3. I still play with blocks

I Still Play With Blocks

This funny T-Shirt is one of the best gifts for car lover’s due to its style and humour.

Coming in a range of colours and made from 100% soft spun cotton, this will make a great motoring themed addition to his wardrobe.

He will feel like the best dressed man in the room with this on and love showing it off to friends and family.

4. This is a nice decor that he will love

car accessories for guys
Metal Vintage Antique Car Model

A lovely gift for car guys, this striking antique model is made from hand-crafted metal and will look great in his workshop or on his study desk.

He will love the unique feel of this gift and the way it ties in with his passion while looking fabulous.

5. Real men use three pedal

car gifts for him
Real Men Use Three Pedals

This stylish T-Shirt makes a great gift for car guys and he will love wearing this to show off his hobby and impress his friends with.

The garment comes in a range of colours and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for him whatever his size.

The humorous message on the front will sum up what the petrol-head in him really thinks!

6. Need some air to pump his tire?

gifts for car guys
Portable Air Compressor

There’s nothing worse than having a slow puncture or flat tyre and not having the right tools to fix it.

Buy him this superb air compressor and that will no longer be a problem for him or his car.

Easy to use and highly portable, this can be carried in the car itself wherever he goes so it’s there just when he needs it

7. Ford Muscle T-shirt

gift ideas for car guys
Ford Motor American Made Muscle

One of the best gifts for car lovers, this T-Shirt pays homage to the Ford motor company who are giants of the car industry.

The soft touch poly and cotton blend the garment is made from makes it super comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

Buy him this and watch him wear it with pride every time he goes out.

8. This ring is so unique

gifts for car lover boyfriend
Wrench Artistic Ring

This beautiful ring is made from stainless steel which makes it tough, durable and tarnish resistant.

More importantly though, it looks amazing! If he enjoys wearing jewellery then this will be a welcome addition to his collection.

One of my favourite gift ideas for car lovers, this will make him smile.

9. Enjoy wireless music straight from his phone

car gifts for men
MPOW Bluetooth Receiver

This amazing wireless and hands-free kit for his car stereo means he will never miss a call again or have to use his hands to change the music playing.

As well as this safety factor, the receiver is Bluetooth compatible with most enabled devices and is simple to set up and use.

10. He is going to love this T-shirt

christmas gifts for car guys
Gas Clutch Shift Repeat

This 100% cotton, short sleeved T-Shirt would be a great present for car lovers and something he can wear when going to friend’s barbeques or parties in the summer.

The funny message will appeal to him as a car lover and this is one of the best car gifts for men.

11. I think this is a great gift for new car owner

gifts for new car owners
ROAV Dash Cam

If your man is heading out on a road trip and wants to capture the journey for posterity then this is an ideal present for him.

The temperature resistant, wide angle lens camera picks up 4 full lanes of traffic and will even deal with bumps in the road.

If we’re talking about classic car gifts, this is up there with the best there is.

12. Looking for a funny gift for him?

gift ideas for car lovers
Check Engine Funny T-Shirt

A brilliant Christmas gifts for car lovers, this will raise a smile when he finds it in his stocking.

The logo on the front is the ‘Check Engine’ warning light that comes on in your car if things are badly wrong so will interest him and make him want to wear it time after time.

The T-Shirt itself is soft, stylish and great to wear.

13. This interior light comes with 7 colors

gifts for a car guy
Car Interior Lights

As gifts for car enthusiasts go, this is one for the serious motor heads out there.

Coming with a lifetime warranty, the lights fit easily into his car interior giving the vehicle a cool new look.

The wireless remote control makes it easy to switch between the various settings and allow him to cruise around town looking the business.

14. Sunglasses is every car guys must have

car gift ideas for him
Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

RayBan are one of the most iconic sunglasses brand ever and these clubmaster shades continue that tradition.

Looking super elegant and stylish, they will also make driving in the sun no problem and keep him safe when its bright.

The 100% UV protection coating will also protect his eyes from any harmful rays.

15. This car fans is going to defrost windshield

car gifts for boyfriend
Electric Car Fans

Any driver will know how much of a pain it is when your windscreen is fogged up or there is a bad odour from smoke or suchlike in the car.

These superb electric car fans are the answer to his prayers and will mean his car will smell fresh all the time and his windscreen will always be clear.

The 12v motor on them blows cool air for passengers benefit and also instantly removes any nasty smells.

16. He is going to have a good laugh at this gift

car presents for him
Funny Racer T-Shirt

A great car present for him, this T-Shirt is funny and will surely make him laugh with its irreverent slogan.

Not only that but it looks great too and he will love wearing it and feeling like a proper rebel. The 100% cotton,

The 100% cotton, short-sleeve design makes this perfect for those summer evenings with friends in the garden.

17. He is going to find this decor awesome

car gifts for guys

Christmas gifts for car lovers can be hard to find but this is a good choice.

The 2D car design is magically rendered in 3D when the lamp is switched on – trust me, the effect is truly amazing!

Easy to use, it is also fully adjustable so he can change the colour to whatever is his favourite.

This is a brilliant choice for him if he needs something to light up his workshop when he is working late into the night.

18. This carbon fiber is the best wallet he will ever receive

gifts for the car guys
Carbon Fiber Wallet

This unique wallet is made from aerospace grade carbon fiber and boasts RFID protection to stop electronic crime against his cards when he is carrying them around in it.

With 6 card slots and a billfold for his cash, this will allow him to carry his money around easily and safely.

19. This projector light is awesome

car gadget for men
Wireless LED Door Light

One of the best gifts for car enthusiasts is this set of Batman themed car door LED lights.

Once installed, the lights come on every time the doors are opened to welcome him and his passengers with the bat symbol.

With sensor control and an on/off switch, this will make him look super cool and trendy in front of all his friends.

20. A handheld vacuum is going to keep his car clean

presents for car enthusiasts

Handheld Lithium Vacuum

Make keeping his car neat and tidy a breeze with this light and easy to use handheld vacuum. He will love how quick it is to hoover any mess up and restore his car interior to its full glory.

The lithium technology provides strong suction and fade free power for maximum performance. As cool car gifts go, this is one of my favourite!

As this list shows, unique gifts for car lovers come in many sizes and shapes so you can pick the one that suits him the best.

Whether he has an SUV, sports car or pickup truck buying him something for his car will endear you too him and show you understand him.

If any of your friends are struggling to think of gift ideas, why not share this with them?

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