25 Awesome Wood Gifts For Him To Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary

unique wood gifts for him

Wood gifts for him are given to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary. This special milestone is a fantastic achievement for both of you and you will want to get him a gift that reflects this. Whether it’s something romantic, touching or funny getting the best present for him will make the day fabulous for both of you.

1. This wood gifts for him is one of a most useful gift. Check out this guy unbox this unique keyboard

Oree Wooden Keyboard

This is one of the more unusual wooden gifts for husband I’ve seen but he will love its uniqueness and usefulness next time he is working on the computer. With a sleek, minimal design and made from actual wood, this keyboard also has Bluetooth and USB cable connectivity installed.

2. He is going to love this sweet wooden gifts

wood gifts for him

You & Me Puzzle Piece Card

One of the best wooden gifts for husband, this shows him how much you value him and your relationship. The shaped, laser cut wooden jigsaw pieces have ‘Me’ on one and ‘You’ on the other so that when they fit together it shows how close you are. Made from sustainable wood, this is a gift he will find heart-warming.

3. This solar wireless speaker can charge phone as well

wood anniversary gifts for him

Reveal Solar Speaker

This wireless, Bluetooth speaker is totally solar powered and has a great 8-hour battery life. Not only that but it looks great with its sleek lines and bamboo design. Perfect for the music loving man to listen to his favourite tunes outside, this is one of the best wooden gifts for husband.

4. Let him know he is your favourite person with this wooden card

5 year anniversary gifts for him

Favourite Person In The World Wooden Card

Let him know just how special he is to you with this beautiful wooden card. Made from 100% sustainable wood, the ‘You are my favourite person in the world’ message carved into it will take pride of place in your home so he can show off just what a great wife he has. Not only that but he will appreciate you finding something a bit different for his present.

5. Get this wood gifts for him if you are looking something useful

wood anniversary gift ideas for him

Bamboo Powerbank

An ideal present if your husband likes camping or being outdoors, this will ensure he never runs out of battery on his phone again. The wooden bamboo outer shell looks great and helps protect the charger and the LED indicators keep you up to date with the status of what you’re charging.

6. This wood token with date night ideas is a fun anniversary gift idea for him

wooden gifts for men

Wooden Token Date Night Ideas

Wooden gifts for men don’t come much better than this! Not only will he love that it’s something not too sweet and great fun, but it is something you can both enjoy. With 24 wooden tokens showing 48 date night ideas, you will never be stuck for what to do together again. Make it an anniversary to remember and spice things up a bit with this gift!

7. Let’s upgrade his headphones with this one

5 year wedding anniversary gifts for him

Meze Classic Gold Walnut Headphones

A brilliant wood gift ideas for him if your Husband enjoys relaxing and listening to music, these headphones look and sound great. Upgrade from his old ones and let him listen to his music in style! With a 3-metre cable and real walnut earpieces, this is a great gift for him and one he will be ultra-excited about.

8. Keep your wedding ring in this personalize wooden box

wood gift ideas for him

Custom Wedding Ring Box

With the ability to customise this with your initials and marriage date, this ring box is one of my favourite wood anniversary gifts for husband. It will keep his wedding ring safe if he needs to take it off and always ensure he can find it again. In addition, it is a romantic gift that captures the mood of what you are celebrating perfectly.

9. If you prefer something much fancier

wood anniversary gifts for husband

Cypress Wooden Ring Holder

If you like the previous idea but want something a bit more luxurious then this is the ideal gift for him. Giving him the same ability to keep his ring safe and sound, the box looks great and fits all sizes of ring in easily. A romantic gift, this is one he will cherish.

10. Does he love making things? Then this 3D printer is definitely a great anniversary gift for him

wooden gifts for husband

Flash Forge 3D Printer

As modern technology goes, 3D printers are the very latest innovation right now. He will love getting this and being able to use it on his DIY projects or to make things. 5th year wedding anniversary gifts for him don’t have to be overly sugary as this idea shows,

11. He can answer call with this bluetooth speaker

5th anniversary gift ideas for husband

LSTN Bluetooth Speaker

At just over 3 inches tall and with a 10-hour battery life, this stylish speaker will make a great addition to his man cave. Boasting Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in microphone, this will make a superb gift for the music loving husband who can use it to listen to his top tracks wherever he is.

12. This will be the sweetest gift he will ever receive

romantic wooden gifts for him

Anniversary Memory Journal

I love romantic wooden gifts for Husband and this is a fantastic example. Coming with 24 pages, there are prompts and ideas printed on already so you will not be stuck for what to write. When it’s completed, simply wrap up and give to him so he can see what your true feelings for him are.

13. He is going to use this money clip every day

unique wooden gifts for him

Minimalist Wooden Wallet

This wood fronted wallet and money clip make a great 5th wedding anniversary gift for husband as it is both practical and useful. He’ll be able to keep his money safe and the sleek design won’t feel heavy in his pocket when carrying it around.

14. Let him have this comfort at home

best wooden gifts for husband

Coaster Rocking Chair

This traditional style rocking chair in medium brown wood and with turned legs, is a lovely gift to show how much you care for him. As wood gift ideas for him go, he will love being able to relax in this and spend time with you after a long day at work.

15. Get this unique wooden plague for your husband

romantic wood gifts for him

Kate Post Wooden Plague

One of the more unusual wooden gift for husband, this plaque will look superb hanging on his office wall or in the bedroom. Made from top-quality natural wood and engraved with a special message about your marriage on, this will remind him of how much you love each other every time you look at it.

16. How about a picture of your first date with him?

wooden gifts

Kate Posh Wooden Picture Frame

Although you have been married 5 years, it is nice to remember the start of your relationship sometimes and where it all began. This stunning wooden photo frame comes in a variety of sizes so you can fit the perfect photo of you together in there. Also, it can be wall mounted or table top placed depending on where he wants to have it displayed.

17. “5 Years, wood you believe it?”

unusual wooden gifts for husband

Hand Engraved Hammer

One of the funniest wood anniversary gifts for husband is this hammer. Engraved with the message ‘5 years, wood you believe it?’, this will make him smile and also be useful the next time he is putting up shelves for you.

18. Looking for beautiful nautical decor?

5 year anniversary gift ideas for him

Tall Ship Nautical Decor

An awesome reproduction of the famous Passat sailing ships, this wooden model would look great on his desk especially if he is into his boats. With fantastic detail, he will surely find this a brilliant present and appreciate you taking the time to find something so unique.

19. Is he a drummer? Then get this drumstick for him

5th anniversary gifts for him

Personalize Wooden Drum Stick

One of the best wooden gifts for husband if he is a drummer, these drumsticks are durable and high-quality. Each stick can have the same or different messages engraved on so open your heart and show him how much you love him. Not only will he enjoy seeing that but these will mean his next gig will be extra special.

20. This is an awesome gift for him who love to build things

5th anniversary gift ideas for him

UGEARS Self Propelled Theater Model

Made from plywood, this 3D model will both fascinate and excite your husband if he enjoys making things. He will get endless hours of pleasure from not only building this but also playing with it after. With no glue or fuss needed to build, this is a present he’ll love.

21. Does he love gardening? Then he will love this plant

5th wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Aorta Sculpture

As 5th year wedding anniversary gifts for him go, this is superb! The sculpture is smoothly modelled in the shape of a human heart and has an air plant elegantly suspended in the middle of it. Made from beautiful wood, this will both interest and please him as it sits on his desk.

22. He is going to love this 7 in 1 vinyl player

5th anniversary gifts for husband

Victrola 7 in 1 Vinyl Player

With three record speeds and made from elegant dark wood, this player will let him spin all his vinyl records. He will love being able to check out some tunes he hasn’t listened to for a while and it will also look great in your house. Wood gift ideas for him don’t come better than this and the built in CD radio and cassette player make it even better. I think this is a great wood gifts for him.

23. This wooden gift is going to help him release stress. Watch this guy playing with this awesome toys

Helicone By Playart

This stress-relieving toy is great for helping your Husband relieve stress from work or while he is there. Turing from a Pine Tree to a Helix shape with one twist, it will keep him relaxed for hours. One of the more unusual wooden gifts for husband, this is one to consider.

24. Looking for DIY wooden gifts for him? How about a wooden beer tote? Watch this tutorial to make one for him

What better way to show your Husband how much you love him than by making him his very own beer caddy. He will never again be stuck for something to carry his beer around in and will love that you went to the effort to make it yourself.

25. You got to check out this beautiful furniture

5th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Wayward Grain

This beautiful furniture is like nothing you have seen before! As 5th wedding anniversary gifts for husband go, this is really special and will look great in your home. With its unusual design and lovely natural look, he will love using this to eat or work on.

Reaching your wood wedding anniversary is a real achievement and something you should both be proud of. There’s so many amazing wood gifts for him out there that it will be easy to find something to mark the date in style. If your friends need ideas, then share this list with them to help out.

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